Bring Trans in the US Military

Trans people, as some people may know, were not included in DADT and so are also not free to serve now that it has been revoked. Trans people usually can’t serve because in order to get treatment for transsexualism, trans people often have to be diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder, which is a mental health issue, and which disables someone from serving.

Basically, Klinger was right, except everyone knew he wasn’t a real crossdresser; he just didn’t want to be in the war. Most crossdressers who serve do so while deep in the closet, just as many gay and lesbian service members did in the past. Even crossdressing is still grounds for discharge.

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  1. I served in the US Army for a few years. I guess I just was trying to find my boy self. I was a paratrooper. I just couldn’t take it. After a few years I made an appointment with the mental health unit. The assigned therapist was previously a Baptist minister. He told me I was an abomination. Mysteriously my first sergeant found out and threatened to out me to my unit and wife. I went awol and took my wife back home. I decided to kill myself. I ended up in a hospital. As it turned out my psychiatrist at the civilian hospital was a lieutenant colonel in the airforce. She made a deal with the first sergeant that let me get treatment at an airforce hospital and also let me have a honorable discharge and retain my benefits. It took me until recently to accept myself and come out. I am no getting ready for transition. I hope they allow transgender to serve, but I think some of the old blood will have to leave.

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