Show Me the Money!

Today’s a really important day to donate, because month-end numbers are used to predict outcomes, etc. etc. In other words: quit putting it off & DONATE. As much or as little as you can.

Wisconsin Book Fest

I’ll be presenting this year at the Wisconsin Book Festival on Thursday, November 8th, at 5:30 PM, with my friend Miriam Hall. Our session is called Losing Gender. Do come if you can.

Happy Birthday to Mara Keisling

Join to wish Mara Keisling, the executive director of NCTE, a happy 53rd birthday!

Bring Trans in the US Military

Trans people, as some people may know, were not included in DADT and so are also not free to serve now that it has been revoked. Trans people usually can’t serve because in order to get treatment for transsexualism, trans… Continue Reading

Swing State

So there are endless political ads on the TV machine, BUT there’s also a lot of cool people speaking in Wisconsin these days too, & this Friday, in fact, Michelle Obama will be speaking at Lawrence. Let’s just say we’re… Continue Reading

Balpreet Kaur

Okay, she’s my new hero. Some jackass took a photo of her and posted it on Reddit in order to mock her appearance. A friend saw it & told her about it. So Ms. Kaur wrote to the jerk: “Hey,… Continue Reading

The Task Force is Hiring

A search has just been launched to fill two key permanent full time positions here at the Task Force: HR Director & Board Liaison. Will you please forward this link and the attached job descriptions to people you know over… Continue Reading

GLBT Partnership: Appleton, WI

We recently went to the 15th anniversary celebration of the local GLBT Partnership here in Appleton. It’s an amazing thing, really: a small group of people decided to create a safe space for LGBTQ teenagers here in the Fox Valley… Continue Reading

What Got Eugene Debs Arrested

Actor Mark Ruffalo delivers the speech that sent presidential candidate Eugene Debs to jail for 10 years. He knew they’d arrest him if he gave it, and he gave it anyway. It was 1918. Two years later he would run… Continue Reading

Race & Gender & Life Expectancy

So this is shocking news: whites who don’t graduate high school have a life expectancy that’s four years shorter than it used to be. And look at this: In 2010, American women fell to 41st place, down from 14th place… Continue Reading

Keeping Up with Buck

I’ve always been a fan of Buck Angel’s – because he comes from an industry where genitals couldn’t be more important (porn) and yet he managed to make having a vagina work, and that as a person who is undoubtedly… Continue Reading

Trans Students’ Resource

NCTE has created a website so that college students can share information about how trans-friendly or transphobic a given college or community is. Along with the launch of this new resource, there’s a document so that trans students can know… Continue Reading

Jesus & Mary Chain.

I’m going to see them tonight in Madison, the coolest band that ever was. I saw their first gig in NYC a hundred years ago (or so) and am thrilled to see them again. I’ve only become a bigger fan… Continue Reading

Gaga Feminism Blog Tour

J. Jack Halberstam’s new book, Gaga Feminism, is out, and it is a fascinating read; I highly recommend it. For those of you who are turned off my academic writing but like gender theory, give this a try. It’s funny,… Continue Reading

WI Court Refuses Domestic Partner Case

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court today refused the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals’ request to certify the domestic partnership case. I’m working on getting more info, but in the meantime, the short motion is available online .

Red Durkin: Questions for Cis People

I found this a while back but realized recently I never put it on my blog, where it deserves to be. Durkin also writes for Pretty Queer, which is a damned good little publication.


Just go ahead & bite me if you have a problem with NYC being the best place in the world. (Thanks to my colleague Monica Rico for the suggestion.)

Wendy Carlos at the DNC?

A reader sent this along: Didn’t Wendy Carlos (Switched on Bach, The Well Tempered Synthesizer, A Clockwork Orange, etc.) sing / preform the National Anthem at a DNC? I think it was one of the Jimmy Carter Conventions which would… Continue Reading

Trans Delegates at the LGBT Caucus

This is too cool. Historically cool. That said, one of my readers has pointed out that a trans person served as a delegate as early as 1968. After that, not until 2002 (as far as I know). And now: 14.… Continue Reading

President Obama’s Accomplishments for Transgender Americans

President Obama’s Accomplishments for Transgender Americans is a new document (pdf) that you can download to print or send to your friends & family. In honor of these accomplishments & to celebrate President Obama’s speech tonight, do consider donating to… Continue Reading