RIP Shulasmith Firestone

Shulasmith Firestone, author of The Dialectic of Sex, has died at the age of 67. It’s an amazing piece of radical feminism, Freud meets Engels meets deBeauvoir.

“I’ve arranged the thingies into a pretty glass vase for now”

Oh, wow. Bic made pens For Women. Women (and men, as far as we know) have completely lambasted them for doing so with these very, very clever reviews. Father says not to ask questions because it might give me wrinkles,… Continue Reading

Trans in Academia, Pt. 2

Another good article by Rachel McKinnon about being trans in academia – this one more focused on the job market than on teaching per se. Props to CHE for publishing these, too.  

Trans United for Obama Congratulates Transgender Delegates

WASHINGTON, August 28 – As Democrats from all over convene in Charlotte, NC to nominate Barack Obama for reelection as President, there will be at least 11 transgender people in official roles. Delegates and Committee members are equally divided between… Continue Reading

Kinky Boots: The Musical

The movie Kinky Boots is being made into a musical: music by Cyndi Lauper, book by Harvey Fierstein, direction & choreography by Jerry Mitchell. It opens in Chicago in October, then in New York, on Broadway, in April 2013.

Wicked Ad

Oh, you now I love this: What I don’t like is that apparently American audiences have been deemed unready (unworthy?) as it’s not being shown here. (h/t to the irreplaceable Diane Frank)

Still Vanilla

Jezebel has compiled the 10 worst “BDSM” suggestions made by Cosmo, and, um, I’d like to know what exactly is kinky about sticking your finger in someone’s mouth & ordering him to suck it. Is it because you’re ordering and… Continue Reading

Not a Drag Queen

I wish when people wrote stories about gender they actually knew something about gender. The new Barbie is what’s called a Faux Queen. Not a drag queen, not a crossdresser. She doesn’t have to be male-bodied to be a queen,… Continue Reading

Catholics Against Ryan

From Maureen Dowd’s column this past week: Even Catholic bishops, who had to be dragged toward compassion in the pedophilia scandal, were dismayed at how uncompassionate Ryan’s budget was. Mitt Romney expects his running mate to help deliver the Catholic… Continue Reading

Who’s Poor? Women

With all of this blather about financial bottom lines, I’d just like to point out a small fact: the majority of the poor people in this country are women. So any budget plan that cuts funding for the poor is… Continue Reading

Dex and DES

A few years ago it looked likely that we’d discover a drug that might be taken prenatally by mothers whose children might have a high risk of CAH – in order to prevent it. Since CAH is the only intersex… Continue Reading

WI Book Festival

I’m going to be speaking at this year’s Wisconsin Book Festival in November with my friend and fellow artist Miriam Hall. You can check out the schedule & the list of authors who will be speaking or reading. And check… Continue Reading


& Here’s a short film about an African-American trans woman who’s been doing sex work on the streets of LA but who has been getting her act together to change her life in significant ways. Her name’s Octavia. She just… Continue Reading

Savage Me

My books received a lovely mention in Dan Savage’s Savage Love column this week, when a 23 year old woman wrote in confused by her boyfriend’s desire to be pegged, made-up and corseted. Tristan Taormino was the guest author, standing… Continue Reading

Queer Derby: Vagine Regime

Always forward, never straight – how it is in roller derby. Erica Tremblay is making a documentary about the queer subculture within roller derby, and she needs funds. Cool.

Love Not Violence

Well, this time it looks like (as in, it is alleged) someone who’s pissed off about Chick-Fil-A and the Family Research Council. Many, MANY, LGBTQ organizations have already condemned the man’s actions. Don’t do it for me, asshole. Love to… Continue Reading

Voting While Trans: A Guide

This is HUGE: a voter guide for all of us out there who could be impacted by the intersection of disenfranchisting Voter ID laws and gender markers, name changes, and state-issued ID. DO read it, & share it. The goal… Continue Reading

The New New Deal

This Slate article about Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is a remarkable description of the kinds of programs and vision of Obama’s presidency. It’s really amazing stuff. In the discussion about why the New Deal was popular and Obama’s… Continue Reading

Trans Obama Call

Trans United for Obama has set up a national call for Obama supporters on August 20th. Find out more & sign up now.

Crossdressing Room

What a great piece on identity, crossdressing, and the internet: I grew up surrounded by the notion that bodies and identities come in 1:1 ratios: we get a body and an identity. But from as early as I remember, I… Continue Reading