MHB MS. Copies

I have two manuscript copies of My Husband Betty left in my files, and after this last move, I want them gone too. If anyone wants them, speak now or they go to the shredder.

I’d only ask that you pay postage and/or make a donation to some trans-relevant cause in exchange.

3 Replies to “MHB MS. Copies”

  1. I would love to save a copy from the shredder. Is there a preferred email address for this sort of thing?

  2. Are they full of notes and crossings out and things? I’d be quite interested in that. 🙂 Not so much in a cleanly typed or printed out copy. (I have the book already.)

  3. If you still have one, B and I would love to have it. Only if you sign it though :o). The one we read we checked out from the library.

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