Bowie, Klaus Nomi and Joey Arias on SNL back in ’79. This was one of the first live performances I ever saw on SNL – I think a sibling let me stay up when mom & dad were out – and it blew my 10 year old mind.

Ah, the late 70s. I’m still not really a Bowie fan, but I do of course appreciate his genderiness back in the day. Klaus Nomi is still a loss, as far as I’m concerned, & I’ve seen Joey Arias perform quite a lot of times.

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  1. just found this detail: “OH MY TVC-1-5! “Bowie was amazing – cool, no-bullshit, super engaging, interested to know who we were. He told us he had three ideas for costumes: One was going to be this Bauhaus outfit for ‘The Man Who Sold the World’; the next was going to be a Chinese airline stewardess with a pink poodle for ‘TVC 15’; and the third one was going to be puppets for ‘Boys Keep Swinging’. He gave us a few thousan…See More
    — with Joey Arias Nyc at NBC Saturday Night Live Studios.”

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