Rheims With Gender

I really am not sure what to think of this project. The idea was to photograph genders, as she did in the 80s, but somewhere along the way she discovered a few people who were genderqueer or trans*.

I love the idea but I also feel a little squeamish about the description of the project.

I think I’d prefer to hear their voices talking about how they live in their bodies and genders, and what they think of both.


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  1. Plus, yknow, some representations of trans folk that aren’t young white and skinny, would be nice..

  2. It makes me squeamish too; there’s a certain Germanic scientific coldness to her comments about “Ze body duzzunt go mit de voice”.

    I personally think my friend Jen Rosenstein’s portraits of us in all of our raw naked glory show more love, sensitivity and insight into us than anyone else.Jen is a proud butch Dyke, and she truly connects with her subjects;I’ll testify to that. She just took more photos at LA pride, so her portfolio should be more exciting yet.

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