No Homos

Billy Lucas’ suicide was what caused Dan Savage to start the It Gets Better campaign. A toddler in Billy Lucas’ hometown is on video singing “Ain’t No Homos Gonna Make It to Heaven” at a local church – to wild… Continue Reading

Sheila Take a Ban

Radfem Sheila Jeffreys has been barred from speaking at RadFem 2012, a radical feminist conference in the UK. She complained about it to the Guardian. She is writing a book on the hurt caused by transgenderism. You can read about… Continue Reading

Kate Bornstein’s Unusual Journey

It is with absolute pleasure that I get to kick off the blog tour for Kate Bornstein’s new book A Queer and Pleasant Danger because, well, she’s Kate, for starters, and the grand dame of the radical trans set. Besides,… Continue Reading

Treated Like a Woman (Or a Young Black Man)

My friend Lena pointed out this short article on Think Progress by Alyssa Rosenberg about the return of D’Angelo to me, which talks about how D’Angelo was undone by the pressure to strip – and maintain an exacting and desired… Continue Reading

LGBT for Obama Sticker

You can get yours for free, just by asking.


At age 43, I have been officially licensed by the state of Wisconsin to drive a car. Everyone is full of happiness and congratulations for me, promising me new freedoms and – new freedoms. That I can’t even imagine how… Continue Reading

Sports Illustrated on Trans Athletes

I have to say that this is kind of amazing: Sports Illustrated has taken on the topic of trans athletes. For transgender men and women, the physiological traits that distinguish them as male or female don’t conform to how they… Continue Reading


There are so few articles about sissies; there really should be more. But Brianna Austin gives us a little bit of a rundown: The sissy, however, doesn’t see himself as a women; in fact he is firmly rooted in the… Continue Reading

Neil Gaiman’s Commencement

Neil Gaiman, writer-hero of mine, has spoken a commencement address. He’s speaking to artists, mostly, but there is so much good stuff in here. The only two pieces of advice I’ve ever found useful come from him: finish what you… Continue Reading

Senior Banquet

Tonight’s the night at Lawrence when graduating seniors get dressed up & invited faculty and staff get dressed up and we all go for drinks and then for dinner and then for speechifying and then for more drinking. I have… Continue Reading

For Pops.

Because today would have been my father’s 84th birthday, some Louis, who he loved. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. It is sometimes reassuring to think of all the people who knew him – and he knew a lot… Continue Reading

Dolby Family Transition

Thomas Dolby’s kid transitioned, and Dolby wrote a song about it. It is taking me much effort to resist a ‘binded him with science’ joke. Good luck to them all.

Trans Paris, ’60s Style

A cool exhibit of photographs of the trans women of 1960s Paris starts today at the ICP. It’s open until September 2. I hope I make it. I’m glad Christer Stromholm took them.

High Heels for Men

High heels for men? But of course! Their rules? ” No adult content and men wear heels as men.” Sometimes I wish I could just read things without deconstructing them. “Adult content” means “not a of a sexual nature” I’m… Continue Reading

Exactly Why Slutwalk

You don’t really have to wait even a minute for an example of the kind of victim-blaming that Slutwalk is all about, but this one is particularly horrific, as the young woman died in a fire on Saturday and the… Continue Reading

Me: Slutwalk: Appleton

It wasn’t the most formal talk I’ve ever given, but I didn’t know it was being filmed at all, so I’m glad to see it. And let me tell you “slut” + “faculty member” + “”43” is not the easiest… Continue Reading

Slutwalk: Appleton

Today, for my 43rd birthday, and on Mother’s Day to boot, I’ll be speaking at Appleton’s first Slutwalk. Here’s a preview of what I’m planning on saying: Thank you so much, VDAY, for having the ovarios to put on this… Continue Reading

In Honor of Today’s Slutwalk

Argentina Raises the Bar

Argentina set the new standard for changes in gender markers on identity documents for trans people: “The fact that there are no medical requirements at all — no surgery, no hormone treatment and no diagnosis — is a real game… Continue Reading


North Carolina looks to pass a law that will make it impossible for same sex couples to have anything that even resembles marriage – a law that’s referred to as a super DOMA. Wisconsin has one in place, too, and… Continue Reading