Call for WI Trans Resources

I am currently looking to compile a few WI resources for trans people. You can leave them in the comments, or email me with them at helenboyd(at)myhusbandbetty(dot)com.

Things I’d like to see:

  • Trans friendly/educated doctors, therapists, & other professionals
  • Local support group listings
  • Organizations that work on trans issues


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  1. Support Groups:
    * FORGE (Milwaukee)
    * Gemini Gender (Milwaukee)
    * Milwaukee Unity Group (Milwaukee)
    * SHEBA (Milwaukee)
    * Project Chica (Milwaukee)
    * VA Group (unsure of the exact name) (Milwaukee)
    * Pathways group (therapy) (Milwaukee)
    * Madison — several groups that meet out of Outreach
    * Appleton – meetings at / near Harmony Cafe

    Organizations that work on trans issues:
    * What kinds of resources are you looking for?

    Trans friendly/educated docs, therapists, etc.
    FORGE’s provider lists are based on multiple referrals/suggestions/positive experiences from trans people and loved ones. You can find the therapist and physician lists online at

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