How Beautiful Is She?

I love this. A “Plus Size” model – in scare quotes because I find the phrase idiotic – did a photo shoot with your average (skinny) model, exactly to show the difference.

What’s striking to me is how much she looks like an adult woman to the other model’s more child-like appearance. And honestly, that kind of freaks me out.

Anyway, I think she’s gorgeous.


One Reply to “How Beautiful Is She?”

  1. I think I know which model that is (there’s another image of her with her legs crossed while smiling?)

    I am happy that you are happy. However I have noticed that by including non-skinny women as models, the fashion / model industry have created another…what’s the word? Fetish? Archetype? Basically cisgendered white female models.

    Nothing against this or any cisgendered white female models of course, but by doing this I feel the industry has created a new hurdle.

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