Andrej Pejic in Push-Up Bra Ads

Oh, I love the gender deconstructing that’s going on in the wake of Andrej Pejic’s career. Now, he’s in ads for a “super push up” bra.

The most common plastic surgery for men is for gynecomastia – that is, to remove breast tissue.  That said, if most guys with gynecomastia looked like Pejic, I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t bother.

Wow is he the Hotness.

(via Jezebel)

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  1. I don’t really consider him really all that androgynous anymore since he’s almost always styled female. If you were to show me that picture cold, I would think that the model was just “yet another blonde eastern european model” He reminds me of Daniela Pestova in that shoot.

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