Best Trans Books

Oh gosh. Someone’s gone & called me straight again, but never mind: She’s Not the Man I Married was featured in The Advocate’s list of the best trans books.

She’s Not the Man I Married: My Life with a Transgender Husband($15, Seal)
Helen Boyd’s first memoir, My Husband Betty, introduced the world to her and her cross-dressing husband and her own concerns about whether the man she married is a cross-dresser or a transgender woman just waiting to transition. In She’s Not the Man, the funny, sometimes infuriating follow up, Boyd deftly explores the role of gender in her own marriage and culture at large and gives us a thinking straight girl’s treatise on the complex world of gender identity.

Plenty of other favorites of mine are also on the list: Kailey’s Just Add Hormones, Green’s Becoming a Visible Man, and Califia’s Sex Changes.

For a list of books on trans subjects I recommend, I’ve got a whole pile of reviews from over the years (which needs updating, but still, the books mentioned covered a great many aspects of transgender life).

5 Replies to “Best Trans Books”

  1. That’s great. I’d say just best book ever. It sits besides Frankenstein as my favorite book ever written.

  2. Very cool. Your books are an excellent resource and you should really write more.

    Dunno about straight though – that’s tantamount to saying Betty’s a guy, which is clearly bullshit.

  3. Helen, your books stand out from the rest because there is so little for couples on this journey. Yours are, because they are written from the journey, not after, and escape having an agenda on one side of a partnership or the other. Books by partners that dig deep are rare, and immensely valuable. Saying “I understand how you feel” to my wife is unconvincing and bound not to be 100% true, but reading together she can say “I feel like that” as explanation to me and also to not feel alone. The only downside is the missing book 3. We know the story since of course, but not how it felt to go through and then to go on. My wife lives in fear of my “book 3” and is waiting for me to write it. I don’t feel our conclusion is quite the same as yours, nor inevitably the end of anything. Never underestimate the value of what you’ve provided, but yes, please complete the written journey when you feel ready.

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