Both Ways

A trans woman is insisting a Tennessee DMV can’t have it both ways: either they decide she’s a man and she should be legally allowed to go topless, or she is a woman & then they need to change her gender marker on her license to an F.

So she took her shirt off outside the DMV, and they promptly arrested her. I’m sure they still didn’t change her gender marker, however.

These ‘gender determined by genitals’ laws have got to go.

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  1. The law in Tennessee regards indecent exposure as, in part, “the showing of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering of the areola.” The law is ambiguous because it does not define the “female breast.”

    I reckon Ms. Jones’ case can go a couple of ways, but it is doubtful the court will state she is female.

  2. Texas always seems to have it’s own special brand of backward, for one. This is also the state where Meghan Stabler just legally married her female partner because of the Texas definition of “female”.

    This is just awesomely in their face; “which is it, pal?” Saying that a male can have a ‘female breast” would be a slipperly slope, because there would be lot of fifty plus men getting arrested at beaches along the gulf…

    This may be as close as our crew ever gets to a Rosa Parks moment., although knowing us we’ll just argue about it.

  3. Tennessee is one of the two states which don’t allow changes for sex on birth certificates and other state documents. The group TTPC is trying to change that and is getting closer, but with the recent state law on invalidating local laws on anti-discrimination, I’m not sure when the other law (BC, DL, etc.) will get passed and signed. So yes, technicallly she is still legally male, but it would be an interesting test if she has all her federal documents changed and consider suing the state of Tennessee under the Civil Rights Act based on sex (female/woman) .

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