Two Lesbians Had a Baby…

New Children’s Book: When Kathy is Keith

The author of When Kathy is Keith, in a phone interview with out of Vancouver, says: “A lot of times, parents with straight kids, they think like, ‘You know what? That would never happen to my kid so why… Continue Reading

Bad Advice to Trans Student?

The mom of a trans young adult wrote to Cary Tennis of Salon’s “Since You Asked” column because her daughter is away at college and underachieving in a major way. She says that she can’t motivate herself to attend her… Continue Reading

“100% Trans Jews”

The band’s name is Schmekel and they play klezmer-core punk. Oh yes. If they’re playing any gigs while I’m in NYC I will be at one. The music itself merges traditional klezmer scales and rhythms with the aggressive energy of… Continue Reading


Here’s a short list of the topics my students researched for papers this term: Marlene Dietrich Intersex activism Justin Bieber’s gender David Reimer, or the John/Joan case The invention of heterosexuality Korean pop band f(x) Kyle Alums and gender in… Continue Reading


I am thankful for happiness, whenever and wherever I find it. Today I woke up in a good mood and suspect I had good dreams I can’t remember. I am thankful to sleep with someone who loves me, to have… Continue Reading

Pepper Spray

It turns out the pepper Spray Pike used is on Amazon, and people have been reviewing the product. There is some really good political satire in there: 1.0 out of 5 stars Product Warnng: This product multiplies protesters I casually… Continue Reading

Reader Letter

There’s a very nice letter from a reader of Insight Into Diversity about the article on transgender people in employment that was in last month’s issue. She writes: Hundreds of the top employers in our country don’t think so (IBM,… Continue Reading

Best Trans Books

Oh gosh. Someone’s gone & called me straight again, but never mind: She’s Not the Man I Married was featured in The Advocate’s list of the best trans books. She’s Not the Man I Married: My Life with a Transgender… Continue Reading

Russia To Make Speaking About Being LGBT Illegal

Russia wants ot make it illegal to write, speak or publish anything about being LGBT. Sign the petition, and sign it fast.

What I Said

My comments at last night’s Transgender Day of Remembrance: Thank you all for coming. As far as I know, this is the first Transgender Day of Remembrance for Appleton, and that’s cool. Thank you to all of you who made… Continue Reading


I’m speaking tonight at a Transgender Day of Remembrance event for the first time. I’ve been reluctant to speak at one for a long time because, as I’ve written in the past, I find it depressing that transphobic violence is… Continue Reading

GLAAD Series on TDOR

GLAAD today began a series of blog posts about Transgender Day of Remembrance which is being observed on Sunday, November 20. There is a great list of TDOR events on the official page, created by Ethan St. Pierre: GLAAD… Continue Reading


Occasionally, human beings express compassion for the rest of the critters on this planet. Watch More Christian Videos on We got to walk a family of ducks across a busy avenue here a couple of years ago, maybe a… Continue Reading

Both Ways

A trans woman is insisting a Tennessee DMV can’t have it both ways: either they decide she’s a man and she should be legally allowed to go topless, or she is a woman & then they need to change her… Continue Reading


Liberty Park was raided by NYPD, FDNY & DSNY starting around 1am EST last night. The live feed is down for now, but it’s here otherwise: Apparently the press were kicked out before they started throwing tents and other… Continue Reading

Rare 1968 Interview with Quentin Crisp

Tonight in Appleton

Tonight, progressives in Appleton faced the possibility that the position of Diversity Coordinator and the Diversity program would be cut or not funded. Also, there was a possibility that the domestic partner benefits for Appleton city employees might not make… Continue Reading

Yay! First Snow!

UK: “My Transsexual Summer”

I’ve been name-checked in The Guardian for the Trans Documentary Drinking Game. Hysterical. Thanks to all who contributed to that list way back when. Sad to say, things haven’t really gotten much better – only slightly. UK readers, I’d love… Continue Reading