47% Condescension

A friend of mine put up this Daily Kos “letter to the 53%er” whose image and letter have been showing up all over the place.

I was disgusted by the condescension, and maybe that’s because I’m a working class asshole like that guy in his photo.

But liberals – oh, I love you liberals, and know that I’m one of you – really sometimes get caught up in their own superiority to such a degree that I don’t want to be a part of them at all. I understand, when I read a letter like that, guys like the 53% who think we’re all a bunch of overeducated elites.

So here’s my letter to that guy:

Dude, watch the movie Animal Farm. You’re the horse. Don’t fall for it.

3 Replies to “47% Condescension”

  1. Oh, freaking-a-to-the-men.

    I saw that guy’s response somewhere else, and thought, “Dude … if you can’t say this in 100 words, you lose.”

    I think it was Al Franken who said, “The other guys’ slogans fit on bumper stickers. Our bumper stickers all say, ‘Continued on next bumper sticker.'”

  2. I don’t ever take my cues from marines… that macho,
    derisive attitude from someone too young to know what
    is going on in America… no… I pass.

  3. Both of them, they guy in the photo and they guy who wrote the letter to Daily Kos, are way too simplistic with cause, effect and required corrective action. And that is part of the problem. No economic problem is solved simply. The New Deal did not get America out o the Great Depression. It was World War 2. The Great Society, nor Ronald reagan did much for poverty or prosperity. After the Great Society kicked in, we had a decade of stagflation. During Ronald Reagan our escalation of the Cold War resulted in the a huge runup of our national debt for little technological or Military gain.

    The real problem is that we have been systematically dis-investing in businesses that make things. It doesn’t matter which type of business. But that’s beyond the scope of a comment on a blog.

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