Caputo’s “Monsters”

Posted by – September 26, 2011

Keith Mina Caputo of Life of Agony is transitioning, and she just released this difficult, amazing song. It may be triggery for just hard to watch for some, as a few people on our message boards have pointed out.

Compelling, I think.

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  1. natasha_ says:

    This is the problem, I think, with those in the throes being the spokespeople. A whole lotta angst, teh trans being referred to as monsters, and generally not a good look.

  2. Andie says:

    Very moving; each of us who reaches the point of having to real-ize our selves, is another small light in the darkness about trans-ness. Thank goodness for brighter spots like Keith/Mina, and good luck to her: I hope she tells the story in more songs and vids.

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