FB Break

If you follow me on Facebook, I’m taking a break from that place for a while. I’m not sure yet if my blog will continue to post to my author page, but if it doesn’t, you’ll have to read me here.

As Betty White said: it’s just become an enormous waste of time, and frankly, contributes very little to my health, mental & otherwise.

GaGa’s Drag King Performance

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She stayed in drag & accepted the “best female performance” award in drag, too, which I can’t help but appreciate. I can’t stand the song – ugh, rock ballads. So what’s the vote? Does she make a decent king? I like the way her physicality changed – you can see how she’s keeping her shoulders, torso and hips a little stiffer.

Trans Triathlete

The NY Times did a story on NY transgender triathlete Chris Mosier, and Mosier followed up with his own article and commentary after the race.

Devi Ever’s Side

I never did like Billy Corgan or his whiny band, but now I’ve got a new reason: he’s decided to be a complete asshole in a business dealing with a trans woman. Who is right or wrong is beside the point: that he decided to be a jerk about calling her “him/her” in posts about the dispute is what sucks.

Close Call

This has nothing to do with gender or transness, but I loved it.

(because you know who did it first, ahem).

Last Night’s Interview…

… on Queery is already up.


Madison Radio Interview

I’ll be interviewed tonight on the Queery show, WORT-FM out of Madison. Listen live!

East Coast Earthquake

From Facebook, I’m getting reports of an earthquake felt in DC, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and NYC.

Update, 1:06PM Central Time – One in Colorado, one in Virginia.

Two Tune Tuesday: Terry Hall

Terry Hall’s best known as one of the voices of the ska band The Specials (although many will know “Ghost Town” only), but 80s types will know him equally well as the emo-before-emo voice of The Fun Boy 3.

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(There was the brief stop with The Colourfield, too, most of which is horribly dated, except maybe this song because it was snagging sounds from another era already.) There’s something about the quality of his voice that still knocks me out.

Five Questions With…. Nick Krieger

Nick Krieger recently published the FTM spectrum narrative Nina Here Nor There: My Journey Beyond Gender and I was very impressed with the book. I’ll admit that his bio, on the back of the book, was what reeled me in: “A native of New York, Nick Krieger realized at the age of twenty-one that he’d been born on the wrong coast, a malady he corrected by transitioning to San Francisco.” With a sense of humor like that, how could I not read it? Beacon Press published it.

1. You couldn’t have chosen a more fitting place for displaying and sometimes explaining other people’s gender choices and you show a lot of respect for them. Was this intentional?

One of the many amazing things about living in San Francisco is the diversity. Difference is accepted and celebrated, which allows more space for self-expression. After spending ten years in lesbian and queer communities, I really started to see the myriad ways that people presented and understood their own genders; there was so much room outside the binary gender boxes. From the media, shows like Dateline and 20/20, I had always believed that all trans people were “born in the wrong body” and had Gender Identity Disorder. But in looking around my community, I discovered a new understanding of transgender that included a whole array of FTM spectrum (trans-masculine) people.

I very intentionally tried to respect the choices of the other characters. I think that in any type of personal inquiry or journey, it’s really easy to judge/oppose one side and admire/align with another. It creates certainty during an uncertain time. But it also limits the opportunity for self-growth, reflection, and understanding. In early drafts, I work through my judgments in the hope that I’ll eventually be able to render my characters with compassion and acceptance.

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Nine Years? What?

Today would have been Joe Strummer’s 59th birthday. Somehow, it’s been nine years since he left the stage.

Trans Care & Medicare

For those of you on Medicare who are seeking trans-related medical care, NCTE has created a document that can help guide you through what should be covered. Share it with your doctors.

Cool, Cool Young Woman

I expected something different, something far more corny, but found this woman’s explanation of her life & her reason for the video pretty damned incredible. Watch through to the end.

NYT Goes Nuts With Trans Stories…

The NYT has an article on silicone pumping and trans women, and a piece by a woman whose husband transitioned, AND another column by Boylan. Even I’m starting to think they’re overcompensating for past negligence.

That said, 12.5k trans women in all of NYC has to be the lowest of lowball estimates. Even if they’re only talking about transsexual women who seek medical intervention I think that’s got to be low.

Not Mutually Exclusive

A little girl was invited to a party where the rules were that boys had to come as superheroes & the girls as princesses, but before she and her dad had time to say “to hell with gender essentialism” they realized that Wonder Woman was always, also, a princess, and so her dad sewed her that costume.

Rocking dad. Dumb party organizers. Happy kid.

ABC on Trans Couple Story

Somewhere in the last week’s insanity I did an interview with Susan James of ABCNews.com about a recent article published in the Boston Globe by a journalist whose husband transitioned from male to female.

It was a lovely interview, and quite a few things I said I can see reflected in the story (such as the suspicion of the 55% statistic).

An estimated 45 percent of those surveyed said that their relationship with a spouse or partner ended because of their transgender identity. Surprisingly, 55 percent, stayed on or their relationship ended for other reasons, according to that report.

But those like Diane who have gone through transition with a loved one, say it is a long and painful process — and most spouses leave the marriage.

ABC has a few other good clips up as well, so do go check out the article. If you’re the type, thank James for doing such a good job with the story. She’s covered trans issues before and really seems to get it.

Two Tune Tuesday: Milestones

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Happy 40th, Mark!

Two Tune Tuesday: With Love from Daughter #3

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My father was a gentle man who lived a life of decency and took pleasure in simple things – music, food, family, & the Brooklyn Dodgers. He passed away suddenly yesterday morning at 83 years old after a tricky aorta surgery. He ate like he was 25, danced like he never might again, and quietly, simply, taught me everything I know about social justice.

Godspeed, Dad.

WI Elections: Tuesday, August 9th

Colbert explains how Americans for Prosperity “helped” out with the recall elections by sending ballot applications to Democratic households.

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Wisconsin’s Recall Election & Americans for Prosperity’s Absentee Ballot Typos
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I would like one Repulican I know to explain how on earth this isn’t voter suppression.

Life in Wisconsin, Pt. 4?

I’m not sure how many of these updates I’ve done, but here’s another!

This summer I’ve been spending most of my time reading, thinking, bicycling, and learning how to drive and cook. Weird, all of it, besides the reading & thinking parts.

There are times I find myself on a little path that’s actually called the Apple Creek Trail looking at the huge sky and the tiny finches and think, how the hell did this happen? Not in a bad way. It’s just a surprise, still, on a regular basis, and the more bucolic the scene, the more surprising.

I’ve been biking every day for a month now, & recently I’m up to at least 20 miles a day. I usually do that in two stints – an hour in the early afternoon & another 40 minutes around dusk – but it varies. I don’t really go anywhere in particular, but sometimes I stop at a picnic bench and read and/or write and/or smoke (yes, really!) for a while.

I’ve lost a little over 30 lbs. since I was first here in Winter 2008. Intentionally, and somewhat slowly.

Another day I’ll write more about the experience of teaching, of seeing the first students I knew as sophomores graduate, but for now, birds and clouds and fresh mushrooms from the weekly farmer’s market.