Best LGBTQ Books?

What struck me most about these lists of Top 5 LGBTW books by prominent LGBTQ authors is the very regular appearance of James Baldwin. I prefer Another Country but it and Giovanni’s Room are both fine, fine novels.

I do have a list of trans books. It does need updating, but a lot of the ones I’ve reviewed are still excellent choices. I’ve recently read Nick Krieger’s Nina Here Nor There
and Justin Bond’s Tango, and my reviews of those will appear in an upcoming issue of make/shift. If there are any books you’d like to see me review, let me know.

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  1. Though often overshadowed, there are some of us LGBTQ authors who don’t write about the actual phenomenon of being LGBTQ. Though strictly speaking I have considered my latest a travel/journey” mini-book, a metaphor for transitioning- though it literally is about traveling. If you’re interested Helen, I’d be glad to email your an electronic edition, for review. Just shoot me an email.

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