Bastille Day, 10 Years Later

It’s Bastille Day, the day of revenge against the worst excesses of bullies.

It’s also the day which started a long scourge of violence by the bullied; it’s a day that started a bloodletting of revenge, paranoia, & cruelty.

Still, it’s the day that the Marquis de Sade was freed – as one of only 7 prisoners – from the Bastille. (He was in prison for his debts, not his perversity.)

It also happens to be our 10th wedding anniversary. We’ll celebrate properly later this year, instead — for many reasons, none of them bad. This was our wedding cake the way it looked at the end of the night:

& Yes, in fact that is a guillotine on top of it, & yes there is a Barbie head, & a Ken head, both done up in perruques, & yes, there is blood, too. We’re goth like that. We have incredibly amazing memories of that day and that night of dancing and drinking and singing and performing and poetry reciting. There are so many of you whom we wish we had known at the time who would have loved it. We want to thank all of you who were there, especially, for your love & support that day as well over the years for our union, our love, & our marriage.

I am so glad that 10 years later, we would be able to marry in our current genders in our own home state and city of New York. That is about the coolest anniversary present this trans queer couple could have hoped for, to be honest.

Now go have some cake.