Anti AB 173

Congratulations to Outagamie County, reportedly the first county in Wisconsin to adopt a resolution to opposing AB 173, the anti-immigration copy cat law.

Milwaukee County Adds Domestic Partner Benefits

Good news from Fair Wisconsin: FAIR WISCONSIN APPLAUDS MILWAUKEE COUNTY BOARD PASSAGE OF DOMESTIC PARTNER BENEFITS Board grants important protections to employees, moves County forward Today members of the Milwaukee County Board approved a measure granting health care coverage to… Continue Reading

Too Small. Too Different. Too Green.

Kermit says It Gets Better: (Make sure you watch to the very end.)

Best LGBTQ Books?

What struck me most about these lists of Top 5 LGBTW books by prominent LGBTQ authors is the very regular appearance of James Baldwin. I prefer Another Country but it and Giovanni’s Room are both fine, fine novels. I do… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: RIP Amy Winehouse

JMG Covers Marriage

One of my favorite bloggers, Joe.My.God, is doing only NY marriage coverage today. Great stories, videos, and photos.

Yay New York!

It’s the first day of marriage equality in NY. These first weddings are going to be so full of joy: How gorgeous.

The Problem with Voter ID

A Madison resident recently took her son to the DMV to get him a Voter ID card; they’re required by law here now, despite arguments that they will cause way too much voter suppression. The people who wanted it –… Continue Reading

DC Trans Woman Murdered: Lashay McLean

DC Trans Coalition has just reported the death of another young trans woman. Washington, DC – In the early hours of Wednesday, July 20th, 2011, Lashay Mclean, a 23 year old transgender woman, was murdered in Northeast DC. The murder… Continue Reading

Using the N Word

Lots of arguments given here, and points made, that are equally relevant to people using the T Word.

Two Tune Tuesday: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

I miss Roddy Frame, but now I don’t have to. (Of course it’s not Roddy Frame, but still.)

Vertical Smile? Really?

Oy. That said, this little “ID the V” parts quiz is a good thing. (via Jessica Valenti on Google+)

Apology from OUT!Wear

The letter and apology from Maria Nasca of OUT!Wear: 14 July 2011 To our LGBT Community; Please let me begin by saying it was never my intent to alienate our community or promote hate in any manner. Believe it or… Continue Reading


I’ve undone spam filters for a bit, so I’d love it if people who have had trouble in the past would try commenting here to see if they can post. Thanks. I’ll add back one of two eventually to see… Continue Reading

OUT!wear Letter

I don’t (yet) have permission to reprint it, but Maria Nasca of OUT!wear has written a letter of apology to the larger LGBTQ communities, and it’s on Facebook.

Bastille Day, 10 Years Later

It’s Bastille Day, the day of revenge against the worst excesses of bullies. It’s also the day which started a long scourge of violence by the bullied; it’s a day that started a bloodletting of revenge, paranoia, & cruelty. Still,… Continue Reading

WBW Update

One of my readers wrote to OUT!wear about the “women born women” issue. Ze wrote them a note that included this smart paragraph: How many times must a trans people be told to “accept what God gave them” or “just… Continue Reading

Just Stop, OUT!Wear

Ugh. An LGBT clothing retailer is selling WBW t-shirts, which stands for “women born women” which is a policy used by spaces that exclude trans women, such as Michigan Women’s Festival. Ugh. How awful. How insensitive, and shitty, and irresponsible,… Continue Reading

‘Realness’ as Reality

‘Realness’ may be a ball contest category, but when it turns into a litmus test, it’s a bullying stick. Tobi Hill Meyer has pulled together a list of what it means to be a “real” transsexual woman. Here are a… Continue Reading