Something Like Justice?

The former cop who beat Duana Johnson when she was brought into the police station has been charged and sentenced. It turns out they got him on tax evasion as well. He’ll serve two years.

What The Advocate column didn’t mention is that Johnson was shot, execution style, on the corner she normally worked not long after pressing the charges against him.

I don’t know if her murder was investigated, but this whole story has always left me feeling terrifically angry and sad because her murder looked and felt far too much like someone wanted her to keep quiet.

One Reply to “Something Like Justice?”

  1. I was told by an officer who called and inquired directly that her murder was investigated. At that time, it was an open case which wasn’t going anywhere. I don’t know, but I speculate that it’s not going anywhere for lack of leads and/or enough evidence to prosecute.

    Certainly, any investigator is going to consider the silence-the-witness angle. That possibility is obvious.


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