Keith Ablow Goes to Hell

Dr. Keith Ablow recently wrote  a piece about Chaz Bono that is hateful. I won’t link to it – fuck Fox News – but I did want to say something about it because Betty and I were on his show.

At the time, he was compassionate and even-tempered. I remember reading his articles about pedophiles and how sane & sensible he seemed about such a difficult topic — and which gave me the idea we would be treated even-handedly on his show. I was right. We were.

Apparently somewhere along the way, Ablow sold his soul to the devil. It’s a shame to see someone LCD* like this, but it won’t be the first or the last time I’ll see it. I don’t know what happens to people – they get just enough of a taste of celebrity that their humanity departs, maybe – but it’s always pathetic.

Ablow sold out, sold his soul.  I think that’s 7th Circle, right?

He’s not a quack. He is an actual doctor with actual credentials. But what I want to know what he thinks “do no harm” means these days and how, or why, he has switched from understanding people to judging them and condemning them. It is not an easy world for trans people – not even for trans people like Chaz Bono, for all his privilege. I don’t understand how anyone could make a decision and use a public pulpit to preach condemnation; the kind of language he uses, the lack of respect he shows, directly contributes to why trans people’s lives are as hard as they are.

I’m not sure I can even explain the depth of the betrayal I’m experiencing. Ablow was one of the good guys, or at least one of the guys who looked good when everyone else sucked so much. He should be deeply ashamed of what he’s written, and owes Chaz Bono – and the rest of the trans community – an apology.

Don’t hold your breath.

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  1. Helen,
    It is sad to recognize but, hateful sells, and hateful gets folks elected to public office. The whole “hate movement” being fed by the likes of FOX is a very serious attack on the social fabric of this country. The people responsible clearly do not grasp what they are messing with and that is scary. This “effort” goes way beyond “Trans” as you know from your experience in Wisconsin.

    I am just an old fashioned “Executive Transvestite”, as Eddie Izzard would say , and while my soul is “Trans” my day to day life calls and I have obligations. Please keep blogging, I hope for you and Betty. There is an audience out here larger than you may imagine…I think. Call us the silent “Minority”. 🙂

    My Best,

  2. WOW! Despite Helen’s warnings I read Keith Ablow’s attack article. Too many bad things to get my head around. But I’ll try one.
    Ablow wrote: “I was taught to consider Chaz Bono’s contention that she [sic] is male as a psychotic delusion—a fixed and false belief. … Mind you, I am not judging Ms. [sic] Bono.”

    So, Chaz’s “contention” is a “psychotic delusion.” Therefore, according to Dr. Ablow, Chaz is psychotic.
    I was taught to consider a public pronouncement of a diagnosis by a licensed psychiatrist without an in-person evaluation to be unethical.
    Even Paul McHugh refrains from FOX-like commercializing of his anti-trans positions.

  3. How utterly depressing. I remember going to the taping of Dr. Ablow’s show that you and Betty were on — along with a trans man and a guy who had de-transitioned, if I remember correctly — and he didn’t seem hateful at all. And didn’t seem like he was putting on an act to be polite, or was secretly thinking awful things. So I don’t get it. I know his show was canceled and he has to make a buck somehow. But I wish it weren’t by writing garbage like this.

  4. He’s Baaaack! Or at least not completely gone.
    FOX has removed the article from its website, but as of tonight it is still available on some (not all) local FOX broadcast affiliate sites.

    After reading a few of Dr. Ablow’s recent articles, I’m sure that he would agree that if only Cher had painted little Chastity’s tonails pink all this delusion could have been avoided.

  5. i have no doubt that Cher regularly painted his toenails pink. i remember seeing little Chastity on tv in her little pink dresses. i’m sure there was no lack of female socialization for poor Chaz.

  6. I have not seen or read anything by this ‘doctor’ but his beliefs, and, lets get this right they are just his beliefs, not knowledge or fact, don’t matter to me. Since knowledge is not a factor here, one is led to view his opinion as coming from fear and hate.

    Media exploitation of the human tendency to be be afraid of anyone or anything that ‘doesn’t look, walk and talk like you’ is a fix for those addicted to the hate drug; however most thinking individuals quickly recognize this for what it is.

    The frightening thing is that the right wing does little to dispel the growing view that those nurturing hatred (consciously or not), and using ‘divide and conquer’ tactics as tools to win support, speak for them. Where are all the voices of reason among the moderate majority?
    Since when did holding conservative views equate with hatred of the unknown?

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