Two Tune Tuesday: Morphine

One of the biggest regrets of my musical life was that I didn’t know about Morphine before the death of Mark Sandman in ’99. Hugely regrettable – I wish I’d seen them live.

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There is something so sexy – in the dirtiest way possible – about this music. And aside from having the coolest name ever, Sandman had a voice like bitter honey – just listen to the way he says “devil made of honey” or “she says it’s sweet and good” in “Honey White”. It’s rare I recommend Morphine to anyone because it’s just so rare I meet someone who is cool enough and – oh, let’s just say it’s a high bar, and damned rare.

i propose a toast to my self control – you see it crawling helpless on the floor

Today, though, I’m feeling generous, so I’m sharing with the lot of you. You can be grateful later.

3 Replies to “Two Tune Tuesday: Morphine”

  1. You should go to Amazon and see if you can find the two albums that his earlier band, Treat Her Right, put out. (They’ll probably be $2 apiece, tops.) He shared that band with another, not-nearly-as-good songwriter/frontman, but Sandman’s songs are gorgeous. (As was he!)

    I was lucky enough to stumble onto them opening for another band at Los Angeles’ late, lamented Raji’s on H’wood Blvd. Me and my brother heard them as we were getting drinks, and fell in love with ’em immediately. (I miss Raji’s intensely–a great, cheap, divey punkrock bar…the Continental Drifters, featuring ex-dB Peter Holsapple, Susan Cowsill, and Vicki Peterson from the Bangles had a two or three year long residency there, and I was there for most of the shows…which frequently attracted guest players like Kirsty MacColl and a couple of other Bangles. Oh, yeah, and I also accidentally saw Nirvana when they were babies there one night–there’s a picture on the inside of “Bleach” of that show, Cobain sprawled all over the drums. Raji’s made good strong drinks, and Kurt’d had a few.)

  2. Yikes. I take it back…I think Sandman’s later popularity with Morphine has made the Treat Her Right albums collector’s items…Amazon’s selling ’em for $20-$30. And eBay’s about the same…

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