Two Tune Tuesday: Sweetness & Light

A friend put this Cake song up on Facebook the other day, & I wanted to find another similar kind of joyous song & came up with this one by April Smith, whose songs make me happy in a goofy… Continue Reading

How To Be An Ally

I really like this short list of how to be an ally, although I would add an 11th: you will fuck up, so surround yourself with people who both expect and can accept apologies when you do. And obviously, be… Continue Reading

Beyonce’s New Song

VT Birth Certificate Change

You no longer need to have surgery to change your birth certificate in VT. From The Task Force: Although some other states allow gender changes without proof of surgery in their policies, Vermont becomes the very first to have clear… Continue Reading

Homeless LGBTQ Youth

Larkin Street Stories: Serving Homeless LGBTQ Youth is a three-part video series (approximately 6–9 minutes each) offering tips on best practices for providers serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth who are homeless. In the videos, staff and… Continue Reading

Bad News for Marriage

I can’t say it’s precedent, as it’s happened before in Texas, but it is sad and frustrating and entirely wrong-headed. HOUSTON — A judge was expected to void the marriage between a transgender widow and her firefighter husband who died… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Poly Styrene’s Descendents

I’m a day late, but it’s the 10th week of a 10 week term, so cut me a break. Here are two recent songs I’ve heard recently that make me think about Poly Styrene’s impact on music. Altered Images is… Continue Reading

No Chaser

There’s certainly plenty to object to, but I otherwise found this advice on how to pick up a trans woman kind of charming. A couple of things you might want to keep in mind — do not assume she’s interested… Continue Reading

Luann Comic

For your consideration: But why is that the case?

The Revolution: Taylor Mac

Lawrence King was killed in 2008 and Taylor Mac performed this piece that same year – the very first year I taught Transgender Lives at Lawrence. Ever since then I’ve shown this video, but somehow failed to put it here.… Continue Reading

Janet Mock’s It Gets Better

When more women like her come out, the teeth of transphobia will fall out. What an amazingly cool decision she made.

Something Like Justice?

The former cop who beat Duana Johnson when she was brought into the police station has been charged and sentenced. It turns out they got him on tax evasion as well. He’ll serve two years. What The Advocate column didn’t… Continue Reading

Don Lemon

Good for Don Lemon for coming out. I’m glad he’s talking about how being a gay black male is different than it is to be any other kind of male. It’s great to see more LGBTQ people of color stepping… Continue Reading

Keith Ablow Goes to Hell

Dr. Keith Ablow recently wrote  a piece about Chaz Bono that is hateful. I won’t link to it – fuck Fox News – but I did want to say something about it because Betty and I were on his show.… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: [Insert Clever Euphemism Here]

I’ve been researching some for a class I’m teaching next year on sexuality, and was reading a few things about autosexuality, and I wondered, with all those songs about sex, are there any about self-pleasure? These are the few I… Continue Reading

Gender Neutral Pronouns

Thanks to Sarah Wagner (go partners!), who is currently helping plan the Trans Ohio conference, here are some resources on gender neutral pronouns. First, a fact sheet – with grammatically correct chart – of how to use the various gender… Continue Reading

JAC Stringer on Chaz Bono

“And speaking of wake up calls, he needs one about misogyny. He blatantly talks about how he believes in “biological differences” in men and women because T made him dislike small talk and has lost a lot of his “tolerance for women.” That’s not… Continue Reading

Becoming Visible: Homeless Trans Teens

I am waiting to hear back from the photographer as to which charity or non-profit he’d like to direct donations to now that he’s achieved his goal. If anyone has any suggestions for directly helping trans teens, please let me… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday

A very happy birthday to my lovely wife on her birthday. This is the 12th we’ve spent together, even though we met 13 years ago. (We only missed the 1st one!) (We both love sharing a birthday with Little Stevie… Continue Reading

Writing About Bodies

Dean Spade recently wrote a short piece about how we might use language to de-gender bodies. It’s smart and concise – just as you’d expect from Dean Spade. About Purportedly Gendered Body Parts I have been thinking about how much… Continue Reading