McDonald’s Employees

There is a petition at which is calling for the McDonald’s employees who stood by, laughed, and videotaped the violent attack on a trans woman be held responsible.

I have no idea what kind of precedent that might be, but a law like this is long overdue.

Not at all ironically, it is in Maryland that a recent non-discrimination law recently went down in flames because gender identity was added to the bill and legislators, as per usual, were presented with the bullshit argument that somehow “men in dresses” would be hiding out in ladies’ room inflicting violence. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A CASE OF THIS HAPPENING, and as we can all see here, it is transpeople who require protection and safety from transphobic bigots. The Democratic Senators who backed out of supporting the bill – even after confirming their support – should be ashamed of themselves.

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  1. Scandalous on both counts. I hate living here sometimes. Even in California, depending on where you are, people can get weird about this stuff.

  2. The issue is that there is no current law stating that anyone HAS to take action to help anyone being attacked. Not even a policemen (there have been several Supreme Court cases on this). So you can legally stand and watch while someone gets beaten, brutalized or murdered. Even if you have a cell phone or gun with you. That’s the law. Unfortunately. Would I get involved? In a heartbeat. But that’s me and my makeup.

    The problem with making a law or even taking action is that it would really be chilling. Anyone could then be held responsible if they see an attack but don’t get invlved. Should McDonald’s change policies. YES! Absolutely! These places are marketed as friendly, safe places and for violating that policy, these employees can and should be terminated. Many of thes places are open late at night and they have seen their share of violence. McDonald’s needs to establish policies and procedures to minimize the violence and define actions to be taken by their employees. Laughing about violence isn’t one of them.

  3. I am sure the two girls have already been called by attorneys willing to take the case pro bono. Unfortunately, they might be able to get a dismissal if they are successful in turning this into a case of a 22 year old “man in a dress” entering a bathroom while a 14 year old girl was using it.

    You know they will try…

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