ESPN Interview with Kye Allums

Surprisingly sympathetic, no?

2 Replies to “ESPN Interview with Kye Allums”

  1. At least it wasn’t sensationalised.

    I’m beginning to sense that transgenders are becoming accepted or at least tolerated. Sure there can be headlines and some will have the “usual” response, but I’m beginning to see that these are a minority if a vocal one.

    Maybe in 10 years it will be “cool” to be trans.

  2. I was glad to hear him talking about why he is satisfied to play on a girl’s team – or rather isn’t satisfied but willing to in order to keep his scholarship. It had seemed to me like a difficult position to be in, but now I understand better. It IS difficult, but what’s he to do? I admire him for coming out in the midst of all that; people will learn more about what it is to be transgender. More knowledge to the general public will mean that someday, maybe even people like his mom, will have an easier time understanding and accepting.

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