Warm(ish) Welcome

I read an article in Slate recently, by the author of Stiltsville, who was surprised to find herself described in a review of one of her books as “a recent transplant” as she’s been living in the midwest for 12… Continue Reading

DOL Adds Gender Identity to EEOC

Good to see. TLDEF applauds the United States Department of Labor’s announcement yesterday that it has taken steps to protect its transgender workers from employment discrimination. The Department of Labor added gender identity as a protected category in its equal… Continue Reading

Pakistan Allows Third Gender

Pakistan has recently adopted a new law that allows people who don’t identify as male or female to choose another gender on identity documents. Allows is the key word. They don’t require it. It seems like a good thing –… Continue Reading

Stonewall Uprising

If you haven’t seen Stonewall Uprising on PBS’ American Experience yet, do. It’s good stuff. Here’s the first (of nine) chapters: Watch the full episode. See more American Experience.

Feline Godspeed

That’s my little goober on a better day; today he has surgery to get his leg removed because it’s got cancer. Keep us all in your thoughts.

Required ID to Vote Suppresses Votes

This whole idea of requiring people to present photo ID to vote is bad news indeed for a lot of kinds of people, but especially for transgender ones, who, in exchange for expressing their right to vote, will have to… Continue Reading

Teen Connection: LGBTQ Youth

A few days ago, some of the teens of the Fox Valley sat down for a talk about LGBTQ issues in high school: bullying, suicide, coming out, gender, sexuality. It’s a cool piece that also highlights some of the safe… Continue Reading

Oh Cancer, Up Yours: RIP Poly Styrene

Poly Styrene, most known as the lead for X Ray Spex, died at the age of 53 of breast/spinal cancer. She was an inspiration to me, more riot grrrl than the riot grrrls, and famous too for shaving her head… Continue Reading

ATM Blog

Just discovered the blog American Trans Man, which, according to its description, is: written by a FTM trans scientist who supplies information about different biological and genetic aspects of being transgender with a focus on the transmasculine. I’m especially pleased… Continue Reading

Survey: By & For

There’s a new cool survey out for – and more importantly, by – trans people. Non trans people can take it too: it examines attitudes about self, gender, & relationships. The researcher explains: My advisor and I are painfully aware… Continue Reading

Texas Marriage Law

Monica Roberts has been covering a proposed bill call SB 723; her most recent update is here. It’s in the Senate, & what it will do is make it illegal to use a court order about name/gender change to apply… Continue Reading

Don’t Forget the Lincoln Logs.

Maybe Not Pap Smears…

… but you can definitely buy a vibrator at a drugstore near you these days, thanks to the lines manufactures by Trojan (of the condom, not the horse). Still, I prefer places like Babeland and The Tool Shed because it… Continue Reading

McDonald’s Employees

There is a petition at change.org which is calling for the McDonald’s employees who stood by, laughed, and videotaped the violent attack on a trans woman be held responsible. I have no idea what kind of precedent that might be,… Continue Reading

Community Activist Award!

Fair Wisconsin, the large LGBTQA organization in the state, has decided I deserve an award as an activist; I am honestly humbled and ridiculously pleased. ACTIVIST: Helen Boyd Author of My Husband Betty and She’s Not the Man I Married:… Continue Reading

Spring in Wisconsin

I joked a month ago that in Wisconsin, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a pissed off bear, but I had no idea what was coming: Only in Wisconsin does February last three months. Thanks to… Continue Reading

Heartthrob of the Year = Trans!

It turns out that the lovely porn star Drew Deveaux – who just won Heartthrob of the Year at the Feminist Porn Awards – is out & trans. How fucking cool.

West Michigan Trans

There are plans afoot for an educational/outreach conference for West Michigan. Here is their call for organizers: Call For Organizers: Transgender Education Collaboration of West Michigan (2011-2012) A collaborative plan for educating West Michigan about transgender, gender variant, and intersex… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Theme Songs

In the light of some upcoming news, I thought I’d post two songs today that are ones I really do hum to myself when I need them, when my spine isn’t feeling as tall as I’d like. I first heard… Continue Reading

Passing Privilege and Maine Politics

Last week, Jennifer Finney Boylan spoke to the Maine legislature over gender inclusion in Maine’s non discrimination laws. She writes: Yesterday, I spoke to the Maine legislature’s Judiciary committee. A bill has been proposed to “exempt” transgender people from protections… Continue Reading