Which Side Are You On?

Rachel Maddow presents a long overdue analysis of the difference between the rhetoric (“limited government”) and what’s really going on (eg mandatory drug testing).

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This has baffled me for a long time — how it is, exactly, that the people who stand for small government still want the government big enough to make sure women don’t get abortions and gays don’t have sex (or employment, or legal rights, etc).

So conservative friends, family, readers: which is it?

One Reply to “Which Side Are You On?”

  1. As a conservative, I have been growing more alarmed at the co-opting of conservatism by the authoritarians. We as a country have always been about small non-intrusive government and allowing other people to live as they choose even if “different”. Now we have the two sides seemingly bent on ripping us asunder. The left has seemed to be focused on bringing about a “Social Democracy” like Europe with ALL of the ills in those societies and the right seems to be trying to destroy fundamental civil liberties we have enjoyed since the Bill Of Rights. Neither is acceptable.

    Until we get a serious “center” politician (and none of the current crop qualify) I’m afraid that we will see more and more of these kind of politicians left and right. It saddens me to think what kind of united Sates we will leave our childen.

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