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  1. I wonder what would happen if parents showed these mix and match ads to their kids.

    They reminded me of two transitionings of gender-based toys.

    In 1989 the Barbie Liberation Organization bought a few hundred Teen Talk Barbie and Talking Duke GI Joe figures, carefully opened the boxes and transplanted the voice chips. They returned the boxes to the store shelves. Barbie now growled “Eat lead, Cobra”, and “Vengeance is mine!” while Joe chirped “Let’s go shopping”, and “Let’s plan our dream wedding.”

    In 1990, Fortune magazine reported on crossdressed Ken:
    Poor Barbie. Something’s happened to Ken, her cohort and escort for the past 29 years. Carina Guillot, 43, a nurse from Tinton Falls, New Jersey, bought a Ken doll during a visit to Tampa and found he was decked out like Barbie. Guillot’s reaction: ”Oh, my God! Now we have a cross-dressed Ken!” Manufacturer Mattel blames the kinky Ken on ”product tampering” but has no idea where. The store manager offered to exchange the $8.99 doll. Guillot declined. She and daughter Jocelyn, 12, collect Barbies and Kens, and since no other cross-dressers have emerged, she thinks this Ken may be very valuable.

    Marjorie Garber in Vested Interests states that the banner on the box read “So easy to dress!”. I think The Man in the Red Velvet Dress has a photo.

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