Safe Space Radio Interview Up

Posted by – March 25, 2011

The interview I did the other night is now up at Safe Space Radio’s website. It was a good one, and I think you can tell that we both enjoyed the conversation which is the best kind of interview. Honestly, we probably could have talked for another hour.

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  1. divadarya says:

    Great interview. I love the stuff about Hetero gender variance; I think that may be part of what is kicking my own ass lately.

  2. divadarya says:

    Ooh!! and the Hierarchy stuff…..

  3. Tights Lover says:

    Loved the interview! Glad I finally got a chance to check it out.

  4. jenalex says:

    I could easily have listened for another hour as well. It’s always enjoyable listening to proper interviews anyway; i.e. to people talking intelligently and at length (talkshows – bah!), but even more when you’re particularly interested in what they’re talking about.

    Favourite bit: “So, yeah, femmes rock.” :)

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