Look Ma, It Can Talk!

As others on our mHB message boards have noticed, there is a certain tone of disbelief in stories about trans women who are attractive that is offensive, frustrating, and yet – and yet – progress.

In this story about a trans woman and trans man not being allowed entry into Egypt, it’s just a mention of her “outstanding beauty” – I’m sure she was – but once you’ve read enough news stories like this you just get a kind of creepy feeling. I have a friend who used to refer to it as the “look ma, it can talk!” tone (except he was taking about stories about African Americans).

& That’s aside from there being no explanation as to why, when everything they said was true, and their IDs checked out, they were still sent back to Jordan.

And because I have some very literal readers, I will add here that I find this practice of being amazed that a trans woman can be not only a woman but an attractive woman, appalling and offensive.