Women’s History Month: Sylvia Rivera

For the last day of Women’s History Month, I give you Sylvia Rivera, proud, out, trans woman who participated in the Stonewall Rebellion in 1969, and only a year later watched as gender and trans rights were disappeared from the… Continue Reading

Which Side Are You On?

Rachel Maddow presents a long overdue analysis of the difference between the rhetoric (“limited government”) and what’s really going on (eg mandatory drug testing). Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy This has baffled me… Continue Reading


ENDA has been re-introduced in the House as of today, according to NCTE and TLDEF. More updates as they come through.

Two Tune Tuesday: Bessie Smith

I’m a day late, but not a dollar short: Bessie Smith makes me so damn happy with her crazy blues with attitude.

Filtered, No Doubt

It turns out that some high schools are filtering out sites like GLAAD’s, or the It Gets Better campaign. Honestly? It just pisses me off. God forbid we help save the lives of at-risk youth; somehow that’s perceived as advanding… Continue Reading

Gendered Toy Ads

You can mix and match two ads for toys: one aimed at girls, one at boys. Entertaining, but interesting especially to parents, I’d think.

Safe Space Radio Interview Up

The interview I did the other night is now up at Safe Space Radio’s website. It was a good one, and I think you can tell that we both enjoyed the conversation which is the best kind of interview. Honestly,… Continue Reading

Canine Fine Dining

This is just too brilliant: surreal, funny, deeply human in some way that’s utterly bizarre: Just genius: I can’t stop watching it.

Interview: Safe Space Radio

Tonight I’ll be interviewed on Safe Space Radio, out of Maine. Definitely do check out some of the other interviews Dr. Anne has done on trans issues – the one on the trans youth summer camp is particularly interesting.

Two Tune Tuesday: Neko Case

This one’s for Betty, and Women’s History Month: Her voice is like spun gold, thick and honeyed and sweet.

Look Ma, It Can Talk!

As others on our mHB message boards have noticed, there is a certain tone of disbelief in stories about trans women who are attractive that is offensive, frustrating, and yet – and yet – progress. In this story about a… Continue Reading

All Out: Help Brazil Pass a Hate Crimes Law

A 22 year old woman named Priscila was murdered execution style in Brazil. Too many LGBT people in Brazil – particularly trans people – are killed. A local group, All Out, is seeking a hate crimes law to help prevent… Continue Reading

ENDA Returns

As if my days aren’t heady enough living in Wisconsin, it turns out that ENDA is about to be introduced in DC. It’s not expected to pass, however. But the general consensus among Capitol Hill observers is that passage of… Continue Reading

Chrissie Edkins Interview

This is one of the better interviews with a trans woman I’ve seen. She’s gorgeous and gracious and serious. And bi. Am I allowed to say hot? Yes, she’s hot. (via The Daily Mail)

Two Tune Tuesday: Joe Hill

Madison’s protests meet Women’s History Month, but how could I resist Paul Robeson’s version of “Joe Hill”, too? Damn: that one gives me shivers. Still, folk singers of two generations: : Joan Baez’s “Joe Hill” was a huge deal at… Continue Reading


What is there I could possibly say about Japan? There are reports of a 2nd tsunami now, and I can’t even get my head around some of the footage of the 1st. Those poor people. Love to them, & to… Continue Reading

Set Your Clocks Back

Make sure to set your clocks ahead an hour tonight, unless, of course, you’re in Wisconsin, where you need to set them back 100 years. No, really: 1911 saw the WI passage of the first Worker’s Comp laws, but it… Continue Reading

Queer Wisconsin, Queer Work, Queer Rights

Bilerico has had a couple of good pieces about the connections between how what’s going on in Madison connects to LGBT political organizing. Susan Raffo’s recent piece mentions the history, references queer historian Allan Bérubé: In 1919, the labor movement’s… Continue Reading

Can You Believe These Guys?

The Republican Senators of Wisconsin pulled an unprecedented and undeniably shitty move tonight: In a surprise move late Wednesday, Senate Republicans used a series of parliamentary maneuvers to overcome a three-week stalemate with Democrats and pass an amended version of… Continue Reading