What Democracy Looks Like

I can’t express how intense and amazing it has been to be here in the middle of all this, to see 500 people in front of the local hotel protesting the Republicans who were there for their president’s day dinner, to hear that the local high school students rallied in the local Houdini Square, and tomorrow, to know that 1000 people are gathering near Lawrence’s Mudd library to keep up the visibility of this… I can’t even call it a protest: maybe a testament, instead.

It’s a privilege to be in the midwest and to watch an American revolution happen, quietly and peacefully but passionately.

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  1. I moved to Florida, from NYC, 11 years ago and I see, almost daily, what happens when unions are legislatively weakened. Florida is a constitutionally mandated ‘right-to-work’ state, the state of Florida’s constitution essentially says that unions are, at best, toothless paper tigers. Strong unions offer protection to all people, even non-union workers, simply because they exist. They are a major part of the checks & balances that help to prevent abuse of American workers.
    So, I say to the protesters in Wisconsin, Ohio, etc. that there is a lot riding on your shoulders; fight long and fight hard, you are helping to save all of America’s workers.

  2. Texas, that supposed Libertarian paradise where unions are essentially outlawed and safety regulations sneered at has a 27 Billion dollar deficit; as big as blue and liberal California. The rich people want us to roll over on our backs and whimper for their crumbs because of their moral superiority. I hear the TP asshats are talking about coming to rallies carrying guns, which is hilarious; who needs to carry guns? Scared people.
    Si se puede

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