To the Tomboys!

Oh, if mass media and marketing to girls has its way, there won’t be any tomboys left at all. Check out this interview with Peggy Orenstein on The Diane Rehm Show about her book Cinderella Ate My Daughter

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  1. Struck by one of the very first things she said…

    “When you have that baby, and you hold her in your arms, you just think – you don’t want her to think she can’t do anything because she’s a girl, and you don’t want her to think she has to do anything because she’s a girl.”

    … if only that was, in fact, a universal opinion, the princess marketers wouldn’t be riding such a high.

    But it’s massively disturbing that they actually are pushing the day of non-mandatory femmehood further away. And, while I think most girls given pink overdoses will scoff at it all when they’re 30… they have to make it through a lot of dangerous and vulnerable years before then.

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