1000 Words on the Wisconsin Protests

Live Feed of WI Protests

In a half hour, the protestors in the Capitol are going to be asked to leave and/or be removed. Free live streaming by Ustream Stay strong!

Admirer in the News

Why does anyone care who this Congressman is having sex with? I am forever at a loss as to why on earth I should care what anyone does sexually. It’s one thing if it’s illegal, but otherwise, really? Grownups worrying… Continue Reading

WI Police Join the Protest

The Police refuse to leave the capital building, citing the fact that they serve & protect the people of Wisconsin, not the governor only. Goddamn.


Wow. As someone who grew up pro union and Polish, this is really lovely news: In a remarkable expression of international solidarity among working men and women, the president of  Solidarnosc (“Solidarity”) – the Polish trade union whose determination and… Continue Reading

No Defense for DOMA

Here’s some good news that seems to be under reported: The Obama administration said Wednesday that it will no longer defend the federal law that bans the recognition of same-sex marriage because it considers the legislation unconstitutional, a sudden and… Continue Reading

What Democracy Looks Like

I can’t express how intense and amazing it has been to be here in the middle of all this, to see 500 people in front of the local hotel protesting the Republicans who were there for their president’s day dinner,… Continue Reading

Thai Tomboy

A new clothing store catering to tomboys and FTM spectrum people has opened in Bankgkok. “At first people probably thought it was crazy,” said Supamas “Jean” Sirimoungkalavanit, owner of Tom Chic shop. “It was quite understandable to get such responses… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: To Madison’s Protesters

How could I not? Billy Bragg, modern labor troubador, at your service. (He’s damned good live, if you get the chance.) For those labor geeks out there, there’s a recording of the original Florence Reece song “Which Side Are You… Continue Reading

Thanks, NYC

Back from Madison: No Riots, No Thugs

Okay, it’s a shoo-in for my favorite of the day, but there were plenty of others I loved: What Would Bob Do? (reference to Fighting Bob LaFollette) Dread Scott I Blame Favre In Russ We Trust (alongside Feingold for Governor)… Continue Reading

Off to Madison

I decided I need to be counted, granddaughter of a union member & all. & Once I saw this guy in Egypt holding this sign, I thought: how could I not go? Russ Feingold was on Rachel Maddow the other… Continue Reading

Paging Senator Kohl

I received an email response from Senator Kohl: Thank you for sharing your concerns about Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Plan. As part of his budget approach, the Governor has proposed significant changes in how the state government will interact… Continue Reading

NCTE Looking to Hire New Communications Person

I have good news and bad news. First the bad: NCTE’s amazing communications person, Justin Tanis, is moving back to the Bay Area and taking a new job. Justin has provided NCTE with over 5 years of insightful strategic thinking,… Continue Reading

Go Massachusetts!

The governor of MA just signed a law that bans discrimination against state employees who are trans. “This is going to make a real difference in the lives of transgender state workers and their families,” said G­unner Scott, executive director… Continue Reading

Go Wisconsin!

I’m wearing red today in support of Wisconsin’s public school teachers, specifically, but also in support of its many other public employees. You know, those pesky firemen and paramedics, the diversity coordinators, the mayor’s support staff, the everybody that keeps… Continue Reading

New Trans Art & Lit Magazine

Bodies of Work, a new Art and Literature Magazine is looking for submissions. We, the editors, are three trans artists who believe art and literature are two of the most vital parts to our world today. At this moment, there… Continue Reading

Incoming Harvey Fierstein as the New Zaza

Harvey Fierstein takes over as the new Zaza in NYC’s La Cage production:

Two Tune Tuesday: Devotchka

Uh oh. New Devotchka! & Here’s some old Devotchka, if you missed them somehow.

A Kind of Valentine’s Day Present

I just discovered reviews of both My Husband Betty and She’s Not the Man I Married by Samantha Anne Perrin, and they were a lovely reminder of what I do, and honestly, in reading the list of quotes she pulled… Continue Reading