New Year’s Resolutions: Timeliness

One of mine is apparently to ignore timeliness.

Still, here they are, mantras I’m repeating to myself, or orders I’m giving myself, in all their lovely glory:

  • shut up & smile
  • repeat my version of serenity prayer: changeable things / things i can’t change / leave it be
  • it’s not about you
  • breathe out, smiling

So what kinds of things do you say to yourself to keep from banging your head against the wall?

2 Replies to “New Year’s Resolutions: Timeliness”

  1. I do bang my head on the wall, and our hallway has the indentations to prove it.
    I try and not over react to negative stuff, and as the president of LITMA I get a lot of negative stuff, I love your ” shut up and smile ” Helen, I need to do more of that.

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