Keisling on Trans Successes

Mara Keisling has a good – and lengthy – op-ed in The Advocate on why it’s been such a good year for trans people. more non-discrimination state and local laws white house prioritizes trans issues trans health policy improves the… Continue Reading

10th Anniversary: Poses

Rufus Wainwright’s Poses turns 10 this year too, so it’s lovely to see an amazingly detailed and accurate homage to this beautiful recording. Take, for example, the deceptively buoyant “California.” Although Wainwright’s songwriting ability has been compared to that of… Continue Reading


Honestly, I understand why people are starting to turn to ’70s porn: now everyone looks like (a) a child, (b) a plucked chicken, or (3) some kind of weird sea organism. Robert, a 25-year-old investment manager from Massachusetts, trims his… Continue Reading

Home Again, Home Again

We’re back in Appleton after three weeks away, & I can’t tell if it feels like we’ve been gone more like 3 years or 3 minutes. Either way: here we are again. High on my list: hot bath, laundry, sleep,… Continue Reading

Christmas Present: Radical Inclusion

This letter from local clergy in Appleton is pretty much the best Christmas present I didn’t even imagine getting: Jesus not only preached about but a lived a message of radical inclusion. He saw God’s realm as including everyone —… Continue Reading

Very Merry

A very Merry Christmas Eve to you & yours tonight. I’ll be borrowing a bike and taking a ride to the beach today; later, we’ll join my other brother and (new!) sister in law for dinner.

Paradigm Shift

Both Sides: Missing Appleton Too

And yes, for your snarky types who think there is no life outside of the coasts, I do miss Appleton: I love the Lawrence campus, because it’s beautiful and peaceful; I miss the big skies and stars and the clear,… Continue Reading

Tonight in Brooklyn

Tonight we’re going to see The Schmekels at Southpaw here in Brooklyn for an evening of “Hanuka Rock”. The Schmekels are “100% Trans Jews” and although what they play isn’t really klezmer, they certainly seem to have a sense of… Continue Reading

Back in the New York Groove

After 10 days in Florida with my mom, which was amazing, we came up to Brooklyn to stay with my sister and brother in law, and in our old ‘hood, and WOW: it’s such a pleasure to be back. New… Continue Reading

RIP Christopher Hitchens

We needed him whether we knew it or not. He was a huge influence on me; I started reading him when he wrote for The Nation and loved his deep passion for politics and for – well, thinking. He was… Continue Reading

Shit Women Say

I love it, but I have my moments of being a misogynist asshole. That said, I also really can’t stand the way women behave sometimes, because so much of that bullshit is a put-on. That is, if only girls said… Continue Reading

Recall Update

The good news is that the recall of WI Gov. Scott Walker is on its way, with 500,000 signatures collected from every county in WI. I may not actually be in Wisconsin right now, but I’m happy to see some… Continue Reading

Andrej Pejic in Push-Up Bra Ads

Oh, I love the gender deconstructing that’s going on in the wake of Andrej Pejic’s career. Now, he’s in ads for a “super push up” bra. The most common plastic surgery for men is for gynecomastia – that is, to… Continue Reading

It Only Takes a Girl.

Women make 10% of the world’s income, but own only 1% of the world’s property while contributing 66% of the labor.

Introverts, Redux

Another interesting piece about introverts: this one the “10 myths about” model. Here are my favorites, or the ones that are the best expression of my version of introvert: Myth #1 – Introverts don’t like to talk. This is not… Continue Reading

Trans Etiquette Graphic

I don’t like the way “transphobic” is thrown around – when often, what’s at work is ignorance. When I talk about non-trans attitudes toward trans people and identities, I refer to it as “trans etiquette” – as in, give people… Continue Reading

Fair Wisconsin Leadership Conference Jan 13-15

The Fair Wisconsin Education Fund is hosting its first ever Leadership Conference, to take place in Milwaukee from January 13th – 15th. Why go to a Leadership Conference? 1. Meet other LGBT and allied leaders from around the state. The… Continue Reading

On the Road

I probably won’t be posting too much for a while, as we leave tonight for three weeks elsewhere – one week, first, in Florida with my mom, and then two weeks in & around our beloved NYC. So for now,… Continue Reading