Two Tune Tuesday: The Reverend Horton Heat

Posted by – November 30, 2010

They played Milwaukee a few weeks ago & no one I know here was interested. It’s a sad sad day when no one wants to go see psychobilly.

Next time around, maybe.

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  1. Eonist says:

    I don’t know if Sasquatch and the Sickabillys ever make it out that way but be sure to check them out if they do.

  2. buddha says:

    Holy shit! Another first for me! That’s some good, good stuff. One of my favorite bands, “King Missle” has kind of dropped off the map, too. Remember “God is a Groovy Guy”? “My Detachable Penis?”

    Getting old’s a bitch!

  3. buddha says:

    Oh! & remember when Bryan Setzer was with the Stray Cats? Bad ass rockabilly!

  4. buddha says:

    Just fucking awesome! Where the hell have I been? I like Jazz & blues, but all my favorites are all dead…they very seldom “discover” new stuff. There’s just the tome.

    Time to jump out tha’ box!

  5. StonewallJanet says:

    Check out Unknown Hinson, the original Country Western Troubadour

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