Two Tune Tuesday: The Reverend Horton Heat

They played Milwaukee a few weeks ago & no one I know here was interested. It’s a sad sad day when no one wants to go see psychobilly.

Next time around, maybe.

Helen Boyd

is the author of My Husband Betty and She's Not the Man I Married.


  1. I don’t know if Sasquatch and the Sickabillys ever make it out that way but be sure to check them out if they do.

  2. Holy shit! Another first for me! That’s some good, good stuff. One of my favorite bands, “King Missle” has kind of dropped off the map, too. Remember “God is a Groovy Guy”? “My Detachable Penis?”

    Getting old’s a bitch!

  3. Oh! & remember when Bryan Setzer was with the Stray Cats? Bad ass rockabilly!

  4. Just fucking awesome! Where the hell have I been? I like Jazz & blues, but all my favorites are all dead…they very seldom “discover” new stuff. There’s just the tome.

    Time to jump out tha’ box!

  5. Check out Unknown Hinson, the original Country Western Troubadour

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