Tickling a Slow Loris

Since Monday sucks for almost everyone, & I’ve gotten too many emails in the past week from people who are really going through some complicated stuff, please take a moment to watch this video of a slow loris being loved on. Really. It’ll do your soul good.

(Found on Allison’s blog about her Medical Spa, Tres Belle, the services of which I highly recommend.)

(How anyone could see those eyes and kill these critters for them I can’t understand, but they do, which is why these critters are endangered. How messed up is that? What goobery lovely big eyes on an obviously gentle creature.)

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  1. Worth reading this article:
    Too cute for comfort

    The origin of the clip seems to be Russia, where I suspect there is far less awareness of the trade in endangered species for pets. If it was born in the wild, the problems are obvious. Of course it’s achingly cute and this serves as little more than a commercial for the continuance of that trade. If it was born in captivity it would have been far better off to remain with its mother or be fostered by one of its own species. Growing up socialised among humans, it stands no chance of ever again socialising with other loris or being reintroduced to the wild.

    I’m sorry to spoil things by pointing out that this clip sucks and is in fact very complicated stuff in itself. Slow Loris should never be kept as pets. Anyway it’s Wednesday now.

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