PA Changes Gender Marker Rules

Good news in PA! HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) ? The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is changing its policy on how transgender people identify themselves on driver’s licenses. The department and Equality Pennsylvania announced a settlement Wednesday that allows people to change… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Toy Dolls

Not all punk was serious or angry: here’s The Toy Dolls, who were insane live, a speedfreak’s dream. (The 1st song is dedicated to my NYC friends.)

And Yet, Simultaneously…

We’ve got London Fog paring Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) down to size. Which puts my “yay, the future!” optimism on hold. Because it’s always been okay for skinny white guys to do whatever they want, while women, and actual gay… Continue Reading

Kevin Barnes: Of Montreal and Of the Next Wave

This interview with Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal is too cool. Wow: queer straight guys are really starting to exist. It makes me so happy. The void came in handy when the family moved to staid Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.… Continue Reading

Post Trans Post

Here’s a copy of a a guest bit I wrote recently for T-Central for a small series there on transitionn. Lots of the posts that appeared there were interesting, from FTM & MTF, a 17 year old & a 90… Continue Reading

Friday Cat Blog: The Couch

90 Years Ago Last Week

To hell with Ken Mehlman, today Wisconsin is celebrating

Semenya’s Return

And another via my friend Matty, with whom I will be team teaching Gender Studies 100 this fall, about Caster Semenya’s return. She added: “Even if she is a female, she’s on the very fringe of the normal athlete female… Continue Reading

His Son’s Dress

I don’t know why these stories depress me so much, and really, it’s the ones with the cheerfully liberal dad who really is trying his hardest not to be a dick. And yet, he is. Sigh. And we didn’t even… Continue Reading

Some Lovaas Lost

I was sent the link to a cool little blog called Killing the Buddha, and specifically to this post about “The Feminine Boy Project” which attempted to rid young boys of their femininity, and of course, their homosexuality. The blog’s… Continue Reading

Tickling a Slow Loris

Since Monday sucks for almost everyone, & I’ve gotten too many emails in the past week from people who are really going through some complicated stuff, please take a moment to watch this video of a slow loris being loved… Continue Reading

Tragedy, Again

If you can bear to read it, there’s a long story about Christine Daniels / Mike Penner in The LA Times. The whole thing is so fucking tragic, a huge waste. There are times I get so pissed off about… Continue Reading

Friday Cat Blog: The Return

Betty’s gotten some amazing new photos of the cats in our new place, so here goes:

Welcome to the Present, Newsweek

It’s not a bad piece, something like a big summary, and brief, and there is a general glaring lack of the word genderqueer. Still, some nice bits: Many scientists, he says, see gender as a continuum and acknowledge that some… Continue Reading

Poll: Should Transgender People Be Allowed to Marry?

The local Fox channel/website of Houston wants to know if transgendered people should be able to marry. Let them know. (On the bottom right side of the page, no registration necessary, though you do have to type in some captcha… Continue Reading

Men Drivers

From a NYT article about a study of pedestrian victims: And in 80 percent of city accidents that resulted in a pedestrian’s death or serious injury, a male driver was behind the wheel. (Fifty-seven percent of New York City vehicles… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Off the Beaten 80s Path

I was recently at my brother’s wedding, and I remembered the song “Heaven” but not the group – I initially thought it might be Martha + the Muffins.

Lavender, Not Pink or Blue

Here’s an article about gender that actually makes sense; I’m looking forward to the book, even. “If you map the distribution of scores for verbal skills of boys and of girls you get two graphs that overlap so much you… Continue Reading

College Admissions

Two interesting articles about admissions and LGBT students have come across my desk recently:  One is about colleges seeking gay applicants, and the other is about asking students, on the Common Application, what their orientation is. As much as I’d… Continue Reading

MWMF: Solidarity, Please

This photo of a protest/action, in support of inclusion of trans women  at MichFest (aka MWMF) brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for the linkage goes to Joelle Ruby Ryan, who teaches Women’s Studies and is a transfeminist. She is… Continue Reading