The Trouble with Travel

We are back in our lovely Park Slope neighborhood & apt, briefly: my brother gets married on LI on Sunday, & otherwise I will spend the week packing up a bunch of our stuff in order to move it into… Continue Reading

National Trans Advocacy Network (TAN)

A group of state and local transgender leaders are pleased to announce the formation of the Trans Advocacy Network. The Trans Advocacy Network held their first meeting in Memphis, Tennessee on July 10, 2010 with the purpose of defining their… Continue Reading

Tough Chick Doll

Yes, it’s an Anna Chapman doll, & it comes in two versions: The Predator, and The Spy I Could Love. (Warning: looking at their page of political action figures may make your brain hurt.) Definitely not Barbie.

On the Rails

Just wanted people to know I’ll be taking a short break from blogging as I travel from Appleton to Brooklyn to pack up our Brooklyn apartment (okay, most of it) & arrange to move it all back to Appleton, where… Continue Reading

Discrimination by Medical Personnel

Sadly, a sickening case of discrimination just happened at a hospital in Indiana. This treatment is the kind we all fear.

Mismatched Libidos, Redux

There’s been a lot of this going around, so maybe, in fits & starts, people are getting more used to the idea of even talking about mismatched libidos. I do workshops on the topic at Dark Odyssey and other sex-positive… Continue Reading

Trans Tax

In a sense, this article about how Pakistan is hiring trans people to shame people into paying their taxes gives you a better idea of how hjira are viewed in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. In a bid for a solution —… Continue Reading

Gay Porn and Women

Okay, so I saw My Beautiful Launderette a dozen times in movie theaters. Really. It was the closest “gay porn” i could get my hands on at the time. Apparently the lesbian couple in The Kids Are All Right watch… Continue Reading

Lawful Spouse

Still & again, echoes of the Christie Lee Littleton case: The family of a Wharton firefighter who died battling a massive egg farm blaze is fighting to keep his widow from receiving death benefits, arguing that the 37-year-old had found… Continue Reading

The Vegas 8

Eight protestors stopped traffic on the Vegas strip in order to get Harry Reid to act on the pending ENDA legislation: Fantastic, all of you & thank you for a creative, cool way to do it. (via The Advocate)

Trans Model in French Vogue

I had a friend do a translation of the text that accompanies the photo: Lea, Born Again. New top model alert: in this fall’s Givenchy campaign, Lea is standing, in feathers, close to Mariacarla, Malgosia and Joan Smalls.  With hollow… Continue Reading

More Like Lavender

Here’s a cool article against gender essentialism by the author of Pink Brain, Blue Brain: Yes, boys and girls, men and women, are different. But most of those differences are far smaller than the Men are from Mars, Women are… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Sly & the Family Stone

After James Brown, their tracks have to be the most heavily sampled; some of you, I bet, will know snippets of melody from some other song. I’m regularly disappointed when I hear a Sly Stone riff and it turns out… Continue Reading

Incipito Inception

Inception is a cool, cool movie – meaty enough for someone who prefers novels – there are moments you actually feel lost in its world(s) – and yet has all sorts of chase scenes, gun battles, & explosions. Six Degrees… Continue Reading

Upcoming Moving Day

My posts will probably be a little erratic for the next month or so; we are once again living in an apartment littered with boxes. For those who don’t know, I/we’ve been living in university housing while I’ve been teaching… Continue Reading

Breeching the Girls

Aha! Finally, an explanation that makes sense: Just as boys were once clothed in dresses, they were also once swaddled in pink. Historically, in many European countries, pink was the dominant color for boys, and blue—the official hue of the… Continue Reading

Leak Plugged

It’s about damn time. BP Says New Cap Has Stopped Oil Leak The company says oil has stopped gushing after all valves were shut on a new cap over the broken Gulf well in an experiment to stop the spill.… Continue Reading

Feminist Linkage

A cool bunch of feminist links on global feminisms picked up a post of mine, and when I went to check it out, I was impressed by how international in scope it was, & how trans friendly. Cool beans.

Do Marry Me, Argentina

Congratulations to Argentina for being the first Latin American country to legalize same sex marriage. In Spain it’s been legal for a while. Which is my way of saying: not all primarily Catholic countries, & not all Catholics, are bigots.


On this, our 9th wedding anniversary, I’d love to hear from couples about a question I’ve been pondering: what do you do when you have an interest/love/hobby that your partner doens’t share? I love live music, for instance, & public… Continue Reading