Thailand Protests

Just in case any of you are on your way, or have friends there, Thailand is a big mess at the moment:

The United States warned Saturday against all travel to Bangkok and authorised the evacuation of non-essential embassy staff and families.

Thailand has been riven by years of political turmoil since Thaksin was ousted in a bloodless coup in 2006.

Thai society is deeply divided between the urban elite and rural poor, with most of the Red Shirts from the north and impoverished northeast.

(via Ashley Altadonna)

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  1. from my friend Sarah Helene in the UK:

    Hi Helen, the USA, like the UK, is making a mountain out of a mole hill. The violence is isolated to one small area of Bangkok near to where the embassies are located. The hospitals and hotels used by the Doctors who work on Transgendered folk in Bangkok are not in the “business” danger area. In fact I have reports from places outside Bangkok where… See More other surgeons work where life is still totally unaffected by what is going on in that small area of Bangkok. The main airport at Bangkok is safe, it’s many miles from the centre, on the Chon Buri ( Dr Suporn ) side of the city. Chon Buri is it’s usual peaceful self.

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