Memorial Day

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all the LGBT soldiers in the US Armed Forces – past & present – who have served in silence.

Kottangulangara Chamayavilakku Festival

A festival that happens in Kerala, India, in which male-bodied people dress to honor the goddess Devi. Some of the people who participate are hjira, the MTF spectrum “third sex” recognized in India. (If anyone can get me a translation,… Continue Reading


WPATH, the World Professsional Association for Transgender Health – the organization formerly known as HBIGDA, or the Harry Benjamin Internaltional Gender Dysphoria Association – has issued a statement/report on their recommendations for the “gender incongruence” (formerly known as GID, &… Continue Reading

DADT House Vote

The US House of Reps voted today to repeal DADT. The Senate’s next.


So Matt Lauer had an affair with a trans woman who is “related to” Whitney Houston, and a guy writes to Dan Savage to find out where he can have sex with a trans woman who isn’t a sex worker.… Continue Reading

Trans Vet Asked to Wear Men’s Clothes

Two Tune Tuesday: Lene Lovich

& here’s a bunch more on

Nevada Forges Ahead

Cassandra Keenan at Bilerico reprots that Nevada has just managed not to require genital reconstructive surgery for a change in gender marker on driver’s licenses. Instead, a doctor gets to fill out a form answering “male” or “female” on what… Continue Reading

NSFW: Buck Angel

I may as well continue with my theme on trans guys, so here’s an interview with FTM porn star Buck Angel, and a blog post by him about getting hate mail from – of all groups – the trans male… Continue Reading

Athens Boys Choir

As a kind of postscript to Amos Mac and Original Plumbing here’s Athens Boys Choir: Athens Boys Choir is a he, not a them, and he comes with a huge sense of humor. I’m sure plenty of people won’t appreciate… Continue Reading

Amos Mac + Original Plumbing Magazine

How I miss Brooklyn and its hipsters, especially all the queerios and genderf***ers. (I know it’s fashionable to mock hipsters, but I was one before it was a pejorative.) Either way, Amos Mac lives in Brooklyn now, and he publishes… Continue Reading

Reifications and Binaries

By people who don’t know anything about trans, I’m often assumed to be trans myself. I like to joke that is the very rare trans woman who would cut her hair as short as I do. Most trans women with… Continue Reading

RIP Chanel Larkin

I just received some sad news from Michael Munson of FORGE about a local woman who was killed in Milwaukee not even two weeks ago. Chanel (Dana A. Larkin) was murdered on May 7, 2010. The person who killed her… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Power & Beauty

These two ladies have gorgeous voices. You might know Corinne Bailey Rae from her “I’d Like To” (which, imho, is one of the sexiest come on songs ever recorded), and Janelle Monae has a new CD out which sounds like… Continue Reading

Family Guy Offensive

No, really? In how many ways, exactly, besides all of them? The only part I don’t understand is how fans of the show, who usually think the entirely tasteless, cruel humor is funny, are somehow outraged when the joke is… Continue Reading

Ah, Gender Stereotypes

Only lesbians play softball, except the ones who don’t. All women who play softball are lesbians, except the ones who aren’t. Men and boys never play softball, except when they do. Why any of these things should have any relevance… Continue Reading

Thailand Protests

Just in case any of you are on your way, or have friends there, Thailand is a big mess at the moment: The United States warned Saturday against all travel to Bangkok and authorised the evacuation of non-essential embassy staff… Continue Reading

Pelosi, Don’t Hold Up ENDA

Dem leadership is holding up ENDA, even though the whip counts are complete and we have the votes. Email Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ENDA:

They Say It’s Our Birthday

And it is. & All I want for my birthday is for you to contact your congressperson about ENDA, which you can do very easily, here:

Weiss’ ENDA Update

Jillian Weiss has written an excellent summation of what’s up with ENDA at Bilerico. Do check it out. I was on the conference call as well, & Weiss’ “take” on what was said is the same as mine on all… Continue Reading