Dilly Boy Bar

Dairy Queen – whose name is funny enough, really, & kind of obscene – sells something they call a Dilly Bar.

A Dilly Bar. It sounds obscene in so many ways, doesn’t it?

But what makes me laugh the hardest is that “dilly boy” is slang (in Polari) for a male prostitute. So theoretically, a bar where male prostitutes hang out should be called a Dilly Boy Bar.

(Okay, so my mind’s in the gutter. And?)

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  1. Wow, that whole post sounds like you’ve never been east of NYC in your entire life. Growing up in Oregon, I’m pretty used to DQs and dilly bars. Not that its not funny, I just like poking fun at east coasters…

  2. Yes, Veronica, there are no Dairy Queens in NYC. Certainly none in Manhattan. Here, a DQ is a Drag Queen.

    We do have an entire borough named Queens.

    (BTW, Amanda, Oregon, etc. is west of NYC, not east–unless you’re going via China.)

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