Because It’s Sunday

Gender Normative

I had a student tell me of a new terminology that seems to be making the rounds: gender normative privilege, which would be, of course, the privilege of normative gender over non-normative ones. It may be the excellent response I… Continue Reading


New York, if you’re trying to get us back by proving you can have as much snow as Wisconsin, it’s not going to work.


There’s an interesting conversation about transgender identities, and transsexual ones, over at Trans Group Blog. Do go check it out.

Weir: Fabulous & Smart

The flamboyant skater told reporters Wednesday he wants the sportscasters to “think twice before they speak in the future,” but he said he isn’t interested in apologies. Weir said he found the comments “offensive” but that they didn’t matter much… Continue Reading

Learning to Speak Privilege

A few weeks back there was this NYT article about how women need to learn how to speak ‘nanny.” The whole idea is fucked up in so many ways I can’t even articulate, but let me try: the idea of… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: St. Julian

I found myself humming The Teardrop Explodes’ “When I Dream” out of the blue the other day, which reminded me of course of Julian Cope, who about 3 of you maybe remember, and hopefully this will scratch an itch for… Continue Reading

Introducing Kate Bornstein

I had the lovely honor of getting to introduce Kate Bornstein when she spoke at Lawrence, & thought those of you who couldn’t be there might want to know what I said. Welcome Lawrentians, Appletonians, geeks, freaks & Others with… Continue Reading


Back in Appleton after the Big Gay Conference and kind of exhausted. More when I’ve fully recovered. But hot damn on getting to spend five days in a row with Kate Bornstein!

Dilly Boy Bar

Dairy Queen – whose name is funny enough, really, & kind of obscene – sells something they call a Dilly Bar. A Dilly Bar. It sounds obscene in so many ways, doesn’t it? But what makes me laugh the hardest… Continue Reading

Wiki Win

A sociology student put a fake quote into the Wiki entry for French composer Maurice Jarre nearly immediatley after he died, and the quote got picked up all over the place by journalists writing Jarre’s obituary: “The moral of this… Continue Reading

A Grand Dame Sort of Day

It’s my mom’s 80th birthday today, & Kate Bornstein is on her way to Lawrence to speak tonight. I feel very thankful for the strong women who raised me and who continue to challenge and support me. Happy Birthday, Mom.… Continue Reading

LeGuin on Google Books & Author’s Guild

For those of you who are continuing to follow the hullabaloo about Google Books, and specifically Author’s Guild’s settlement with them, do listen to this interview with Ursula LeGuin, who cancelled her membership to Author’s Guild as a result of… Continue Reading

Shrove Tuesday…

… might be better known as Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, to those of you who weren’t raised Catholic, but it’s today. While in a Taco Bell I saw a sign that said Great Taste During Lent which listed a… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Gone!

There’s no one who hates Robert Plant as much as I do, but the stuff he recorded with Allison Kraus is too gorgeous, so here’s a track as part of a set of melodic antidotes to all the Valentine’s frippery… Continue Reading

Appleton Public Library

I’m doing a reading / Q&A at Appleton Public Library on March 3rd @ 6:30 PM. If you’re on Facebook, you can check out the event page here, & RSVP.

Like a Sex Machine

A lovely article at has illustrations of six turn-of-the-last-century masturbatory machines. My favorite is the chair that simulates the jerkiness of train travel, since perhaps its existence explains my great love of trains. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Together or… Continue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, Rufus Wainwright performing “My Funny Valentine” with his late mom, Kate McGarrigle.

Scent of a Woman (in a Bottle)

I’m not surprised by much, but this one got me: a scent called Vulva that isn’t a perfume but an erotic aid. It’s not a joke, & it’s NSFW. They say smell is our strongest sense, so it makes perfect… Continue Reading

Kate Bornstein Comes to Lawrence

Kate Bornstein is coming to Lawrence University on Wednesday, February 17th & Thursday, February 18th. We are very, very pleased. The listing is on the LU Gender Studies blog, and there is, of course, a Facebook event page.