Joel in Alaska; Helen in Wisconsin

Posted by – January 23, 2010

Some thoughts on living in Wisconsin:

  • I’m starting to wonder if my years watching Northern Exposure was actually a prep course.
  • I try not to be an asshole NYer who is always trying to find the NYC cognate for everything I experience. Also, I try to keep discussions of said cognates to conversations with other people who have also lived in NYC.
  • I am regularly amazed at how self-deprecating WI people are about living in WI.
  • I am surprised when I am homesick and surprised when I am not.
  • It doesn’t take long before you find yourself looking at a 19 degree temp and thinking, “it’s only 19” instead of “that’s fucking cold.” Because “only 19” means no long johns; you reserve those for the temps that hover just over or just under 0.
  • I regularly feed wild rabbits that live in the lawn next to my house. We buy carrots for them. We probably shouldn’t.
  • I read an essay by Daniel Nester about leaving NYC and wonder exactly why I stayed in NY for so long except for the obvious reason that I couldn’t conceive of living anywhere else.
  • Every once in a while, we realize that all of our new friends are incredibly smart, mostly geeky, & definitely bookish, and we are very happy about that.
  • I’m not sure you’ve ever really been drunk until you’re drunk in a blizzard at a friend’s wedding in an Irish bar in Wisconsin. (Though I’m not sure you’ve ever really been drunk until you’re drunk in a ladies’ room full of drag queens and burlesque stars, either.)

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  1. madou says:

    “gooble gobble, we accept her, one of us!”

    wisconsin is great (ah ha, avoided the self-deprecation!) and we’re glad to have you.

  2. Donna says:

    I found that Daniel Nester piece to be very depressing. It makes me grateful that J. gave up his childhood ambition to be a poet when he grew up. Not that his present ambition to be an art history professor necessarily portends a life of rainbows and unicorns, of course!

    Interesting that you’re happy you left New York and don’t live there anymore. I stopped living there 23 years ago (even though I still work there), and all I’ve ever hoped is to return someday.

    Somehow I never pictured you spending the rest of your life in the Midwest, not in a big city. I guess you never know! (Although I do know that relocating away from this area is something that would be close to impossible for me, under almost any circumstances.).

  3. Jude says:

    Are carrots really what rabbits like to eat? Or is that a Warner Brothers induced concept? I’ve been leaving little treats out for the nest of squirrels that live behind my new place; they entertain me….

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