Xmas 1984 = 25 Years Ago

Blame it on my new friend Kathy, who put it up on her Facebook page. I know it was supposed to inspire thoughts of charity – and it did, at the time – but now it just looks like porn what with all those pretty boys in one room.

  • I am 8 years older now than Sting was at the time of the recording. (This is him at the age I am now.)
  • Whatever happened to Paul Young?!
  • Does Paul Weller ever look healthy?
  • Simon LeBon is still a pretentious clod. IMHO, of course.
  • Minor players: Marilyn, Jon from Culture Club, the ladies of Bananrama, Jodi Watley. Can anyone name any of the others?
  • Actually, I’m amazed at how many of these people still have careers.
  • It still makes Betty cry (in a good way).