Obama Hires Trans Woman Amanda Simpson

How fucking cool is this? Amanda Simpson, who has served on NCTE’s Board of Directors for the past 3 years, has been appointed by the Obama Administration as a Senior Technical Advisor to the Department of Commerce. She’ll be working in… Continue Reading

When It’s Time To Go

I recently had a partner of a trans woman ask me – and many have asked before – when it’s time to go. I didn’t have an answer, but I did want to point out that asking when it’s time… Continue Reading

Down Madison Way

Betty & I are off for a brief visit to see friends in Madison, which we haven’t yet seen. We’re both excited, despite the 3-hour drive and the single digit temperatures.

Two Tune Tuesday: Femme Crooners

I was listening to NPR’s listeners’ picks for the best songs of 2009 when I was reminded of that Metric track “Sick Muse.” Minutes later, an ad for Hennessy came on featuring The Cardigans’ “Lovefool” which has long been a… Continue Reading

Roger Garth

By god is he pretty. & Yes, he is a model.

Sullivan on Obama’s 1st Year

I agree entirely. My own view is that 2009 has been an extraordinarily successful year for Obama. Since this is currently a minority view and will prompt a chorus of “In The Tank!”, allow me to explain. The substantive record… Continue Reading

Boxing Day 2009

Wow, what a lovely day of nothing much at all: I’m playing my new Sims 3 World Adventures while Rachel is playing Dragon Age (which means it was an EA Christmas for us!); we’re alternately watching a Criminal Minds marathon,… Continue Reading

Christmas Goodness: Saving Paws

For Christmas this year, I thought I’d mention this cool animal shelter we’ve just discovered here in Appleton. Saving Paws is for cats and dogs, and like so many animal shelters, started because one person decided to foster a few… Continue Reading

Xmas 1984 = 25 Years Ago

Blame it on my new friend Kathy, who put it up on her Facebook page. I know it was supposed to inspire thoughts of charity – and it did, at the time – but now it just looks like porn… Continue Reading

Santa’s on Twitter

It’s the NORAD-tracked Santa, with a website & a Twitter feed. Ah, 2010.

Egg Nog Made With Romulan Ale

Happy Christmas Eve! Check out this amusing post from 2004 about the 10 Least Successful Christmas Specials. Here’s my favorite: Ayn Rand’s A Selfish Christmas (1951) In this hour-long radio drama, Santa struggles with the increasing demands of providing gifts… Continue Reading

Dr. Maxwell Anderson is Ill

Dr. Maxwell Anderson, who was a close friend of Robert Eads’, and who was in the documentary Southern Comfort with his friend, is ill and in the hospital this holiday season. You can get updates on his health on his… Continue Reading

Libidinous Libido

It’s an ongoing bit of news: women who have no libidos, & how we must “fix” them (instead of, say, acknowledging that some people have little to no interest in sex). That we make a regular variation in libido abnormal… Continue Reading

Two Tune Tuesday: Merry (Marxist) Christmas

= just what everyone wants: class-conscious christmas songs. Vive la révolution & Joyeux Noël! (I’m pretty sure Rufus gets an award for using the word “mensch” in a christmas song.)


More light from here on in, so stay cheerful, eat your bananas to defeat SAD, & get through this holiday season without pulling your hair out.

Third Gender: Bakla

From Wiki: In the Philippines, a bakla is a male-bodied person who is exclusively attracted to men. Baklas are often considered a third gender, and most baklas display feminine mannerisms and dress as women. Some identify as women. Baklas are… Continue Reading

TransFM Live Call-In (with Helen & Betty)

In about 20 minutes, or 7PM EST, we’ll be calling into Ethan St. Pierre’s annual TransFM holiday live broadcast.

Internalizing Name Changes

As most of you know by now, I was not christened Helen Boyd; it is not my legal name, although Helen is my legal middle name. But I’ve come to be known as Helen Boyd, & so when I arrived… Continue Reading

Face in the Mirror

Just caught the tail end of a documentary called Face in the Mirror about David Reimer. Has anyone else seen this? I can’t seem to find any more info about it online. Now there’s one on about pumping parties called… Continue Reading

Meat or People

There’s a great video about how women’s bodies are represented in media that was just brought to my attention. It’s in Italian with English subtitles and worth watching. That said, some of the images are really upsetting (and all were… Continue Reading