Transgender Narrative

Posted by – November 14, 2009

Every once in a great while, someone sends me some writing they want me to read. Most of the time I can’t feel the person behind the voice, or, in writer’s parlance, I can’t hear the author’s voice.

But this piece was different, & so I gave the author what feedback I could, & he contacted me again recently because the essay was selected as a finalist in Narrative Magazine’s first-person writing contest and recently published by Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction, a literary journal specializing in creative nonfiction published by Michigan State University. You can read it online here (.pdf).

My congratulations to David Torrey Peters: keep writing.

4 Comments on Transgender Narrative

  1. Diane Frank says:

    That is an awsomely fine piece of writing. I’d like to think that every so often I can string two sentences together. Peter’s keeps it up for 12 pages on a topic that has been so abused with reptition and theft of narrative.


  2. milylasouris says:

    Yes! That was beautifully written and what a lovely insight into being transgendered!

  3. Véronique says:

    I think that’s a wonderful piece. I found the part where he met with the “businessman” especially touching.

  4. Thank you, Helen for posting this, and thanks to those who commented for their kind words. If anyone wants to read any of my other essays, they can be found at under the “writings” tab.


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