NCTE held a conference call tonight about ENDA & they’ve put a recording of it online (.mp3). The deadline is rapidly approaching. They’ve got a bunch of resources up (.pdf), and on Facebook, Jillian Weiss is posting daily actions.

This is for all of us – LGBTQI & all our families & allies.

No one should lose or not get a job because of their sexual orientation or gender identity and expression. Make those calls, send letters, emails, and forward this info to your friends & families so they do the same.

2 Replies to “ENDA!!”

  1. Based on the pdf file, this is being sold entirely as protections for transgender people. That’s unfortunate, and I think it’s a mistake.

    Prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity or expression protects *everyone* from being discriminated against for not being as masculine or as feminine as someone else thinks they should be.

    There are certainly cases of cis-gendered women being yanked out of women’s restrooms or women being fired for not using make-up and not being ‘girly’ enough, or men harassed for not being ‘manly’ enough.

    The issue not just for trans people, and should be presented as protection for everyone.

  2. At this point, will it really matter?

    I mean, I know very damn well where in the California Government Code gender identity is protected, and obviously trans people are discriminated against all the time here in California (and moreover I know from personal experience). And to add the shit icing on top of the shit cake, even nominally liberal, well educated types here in the SF Bay Area…very damn well fucking discriminate against gender variant people of all sorts.

    Where this will help, is with people who are already employed, and start transitioning, I think. As far as helping under and un employed trans people? I don’t know.

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