Getting It

Interesting coverage of a trans person who is suing their employer for building a gender-neutral bathroom for them:

Interesting because the guy seems hip to trans identities in general, & is only critical of the person’s decision to sue. Strikes me as similar to how I felt about Kim Nixon’s case.

(via TransAdvocate)

3 Replies to “Getting It”

  1. Unfortunately, pretty much all of what that guy is saying becomes offensive and inaccurate in the context of trans individuals who are non-op. Seems that way to me.

  2. If someone redid this segment but made it about a person of colour instead, would these people be laughing and thinking it’s such a privilege for that person to have their own bathroom? I mean, someone might be uncomfortable if a person of colour used the washrooms all the white folks used.

    Semi-enlightened Guy was doing OK until he talked about the trans woman going into the women’s room and “whipping it out.” Does he somehow not know that all women’s toilets have stalls? And that we pee sitting down (I hope)?

    Helen, do you think Kim Nixon should not have complained to the Human Rights Tribunal?

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